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As a Denver Bronco fan, this past week has really pushed me to my limits. Watching the Broncos get blown out 37-12, behind poor quarterback play, really made me question the future of Drew Lock.

This week, Lock was not just bad, but he had one of the worst quarterback performances in Denver Broncos history, which really brings up the question, is Drew Lock the future of the Denver Broncos?

Say what you want, there is no exception for throwing 4 interceptions, and completing under 50 percent of your passes.

Lock ended his 2019 run, winning 4 of 5 starts, and throwing for 7 touchdowns while only being picked off 3 times. Many thought that Lock was the answer to Denver’s quarterback issues since the departure of Peyton Manning. Lock was this young guy, with a ton of swagger that went out there and gave Denver fans hope.

This offseason was an offseason like never before for Denver fans, acquiring AJ Bouye, Jurrell Casey, Graham Glasgow, Jerry Jeudy, Melvin Gordon, and many other weapons around them. The pieces to the puzzle were finally being put together, but due to injuries and poor quarterback play, fans will once again have to wait until next year to possibly make the playoffs.

In the big picture, the season is really on Drew Lock. The Broncos are currently 3-6, many probably think we should be 2-7, since we had to make a huge comeback in the Chargers game. This year Lock is 2-5, completing only 55% of passes, with a touchdown to interception ratio of 7:10. Along with this, he has a passer rating of. 66.5, and a QBR of 39.7. Statistically, Lock is one of the worst quarterback in football.

Also, 5 of Lock’s 7 touchdowns came in the fourth quarter of games against the Falcons and Chargers. The clear picture is that Lock needs to learn to be more efficient when given the ball in the red-zone. Against the Patriots, there were numerous times when Lock got the ball in the redzone, and was not able to convert on big plays. The Denver defense has been great this year when put into good positions, so the difference between winning and losing is the offense, led by the inconsistent Lock.

This week really pushed the limit for fans, with Lock not producing anything until the fourth quarter once again. At halftime, Denver had only put up 6 points, along with Lock throwing an interception only 10 yards out of scoring a touchdown. While losing Sutton does not help, Jerry Jeudy has emerged as an elite route runner and has been able to create space with defenders. Lock ended the game with 4 interceptions, and this time the blame could not be put on the offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur.

While the play calling has not been great, there is no excuse for throwing 4 interceptions against one of the worst defenses in the league. Sometimes, Lock needs to learn how to just take the sack, as 2 of his 4 interceptions came on throwing the ball while being tackled. So what does this mean for Lock’s future with the team?

The future for Lock and this Denver football team is very clear as of right now. Lock has not shown that he can be the answer, and he will be playing for his career in the final weeks of the 2020 season. Fans have seen his highs and lows, but at the end of the day you need to win football games, which is not happening. Until Denver starts to win, and Lock starts to play well, the future of the quarterback position is uncertain in Denver.

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