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The Overlooked Reason Behind The 49ers’ Success

Reading Time: 2 minutes Since taking over as the 49ers General Manager in 2017, John Lynch has turned the 49ers from league bottom feeders to Super Bowl Contenders and NFC champions. Although Lynch has acquired many key players through trades (Jimmy Garoppolo , Dee Ford) and free agency (Richard Sherman, Kwon Alexander) and top draft picks (Nick Bosa, Mike McGlinchy), one huge reason the 49ers turned their franchise around so quickly is because of how well Lynch has drafted in the mid-to-later rounds.At first glance, his first draft in 2017 doesn’t look pretty. Third overall pick Soloman Thomas was...

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Breaking Down the George Kittle Contract Extension: What it Means

Reading Time: 2 minutes“CAN YOU SMELL… WHAT THE NINERS. ARE. COOKING!!??” – George Kittle (probably) The 49ers have signed All-Pro TE George Kittle to a 5-year, $75M extension. After inking this deal, Kittle will become the highest paid TE ever, and blow out the rest of the positions market. Known as ‘The People’s Tight End’ Kittle has taken his game to the next level since entering the league in 2017. Although HC Shanahan bases his offense off of a run-first scheme, Kittle has found ways to dominate opposing defenses in both receiving and run-blocking. A physical specimen, defenses have...

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Breaking Down Raheem Mostert’s Future Plan

Reading Time: < 1 minute Recently, Raheem Mostert has requested a trade from the San Fransisco 49ers. Originally, I thought this was odd. Why would anyone want to be traded away from the 49ers?However, I realized he was angry that he wasn’t getting paid enough.By playing in Shanahan’s system, Mostert’s value as a running back is going to be inflated and he’ll likely make more than he deserves.The only reason why Mostert would do this is because he’s trying to get leverage for a potential extension. Mostert clearly wants a new contract, but at this point in time he...

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Why Kyle Shanahan’s Gameplan is Helping the Bears

Reading Time: 2 minutesIn the 2019-20 season, the Green Bay Packers’ defense was surprisingly very strong in the pass defense category. Green Bay’s defense placed in the top half of the league in any metric you could find. But like most game plans in the league, a team member at some point in time will exploit those play schemes that held strong for so long. In the Cowboys and 49ers’ cases, this staple of play schemes held true.  Jason Garrett and the Dallas Cowboys launched a beautiful attack that was meant to bait the Packers into a cover one...

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Breaking Down the Kyle Shanahan 6-Year Extension

Reading Time: 2 minutesWith very little NFL news during the pandemic, the 49ers went ahead and gave talk shows their new story for this week. Kyle Shanahan and the 49ers have reached a 6-year contract extension through the 2025 season. Despite his 10-22 record prior to last season, the 49ers turnaround proved his ability to coach this team, and eliminate any rumors of him being on the ‘hot seat.’ As the NFL has continued to form into more of a pass-happy league, San Francisco hinged on their explosive running attack to accommodate their top-tier defense. Coming off of a...

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