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Trevor Lawrence will be the 1st pick in the 2021 NFL draft. He’s a generational talent and has everything you could possibly want in a prospect. Zach Wilson will be the 2nd pick to the New York Jets to try and turn their franchise around, while Mac Jones or Trey Lance will go 3rd to the 49ers. But what about the QB5?

For some inexplicable reason, Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields’ draft stock has been in a constant, downward spiral for months. Every analyst has their own opinion, but this type of pre-draft fall from Fields is an unprecedented gaff by general managers and scouts.

The date is January 2nd, 2021. It’s the day after Justin Fields boasted one of the greatest college football performances in the modern era, as Fields led his Ohio State Buckeyes to blow-out Trevor Lawrence and the Clemson Tigers. Fields demonstrated toughness, leadership, elite decision making, and high-level overall play. But what is so significant about this day?

You see, it was January 2nd, 2021 when ESPN aired a segment that asked “Could Justin Fields be selected first overall?” So why is it that since this moment, when Fields was being discussed as possibly the 1st pick, there has been nothing but unfair nitpicking and criticism of the Ohio State QB?

The short answer is nobody knows. There has not been an honest explanation for Justin Fields’ fall in the draft since the game against Clemson. Nobody really has something they don’t like about him. Analysts have tried to discredit his ability to move off of his first option, only for others to discover he did that at a higher level than any of the other prospects. There has been criticism of his character and work ethic, only for his coaches to rave about his leadership. In fact, every single criticism of Justin Fields has been overturned by those who actually do the research. For this reason, I believe Fields has the most potential of any of the prospects, and should absolutely be selected 3rd overall; perhaps 2nd.

Justin Fields ended the college football season as the unanimous 2nd-best player in the draft, and followed that up with an elite Pro Day and an exceptional 40-yard dash time. Now people believe he is outside the top-3 of his own position. If what people are saying is true, and Fields is not selected 3rd overall by the 49ers, it will be the greatest mistake their franchise has ever made. With a young roster, a playmaker like Fields is exactly what they need to contend for the next 15 years. For their sake, I hope they make the right choice.