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Why The 2020 Miami Heat Finals Run Was Not A Fluke: The Bigger Picture

Reading Time: 4 minutesThe Miami Heat surprised and impressed many last season due to their historic postseason run. The Heat ended their game-changing season with a 4-2 series loss to LeBron and the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Finals. As the new season closely approaches, many people are calling the team’s previous run a fluke, but there are overwhelming signs, all pointing to the future growth of the Heat. Before last season was paused in mid-March, Miami sat at 4th place in the Eastern Conference Playoff Picture. After the eight bubble games in August, the Heat dropped to...

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The NHL’s Reverse Retro Jerseys: Ranked

Reading Time: 10 minutesIt was an incredible marketing move on behalf of the NHL to bridge the gap between the Stanley Cup Final and the start of the unconventional 2021 season with the release of the “Reverse Retro” series of jerseys. Following the path laid out several years previous with the NBA’s “City Edition” jerseys, the reveal of a compound uniform line has proven to be a more successful strategy for the introduction of alternate uniforms than those used in previous. With the modernization of the league following the shift to Adidas in 2017, it was only a matter...

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Interview With Former Cleveland Browns Scout: Dax Nollenberger

Reading Time: 2 minutesLast week, I had the exclusive privilege of interviewing former Cleveland Browns scout, Dax Nollenberger.  To start things off, I discussed with Nollenberger about the scouting process. We discussed topics regarding the year-round scouting grind and some of the specific details regarding professional scouting for an NFL team. We also dove into the very communicative environment of the Cleveland Browns and how the discussion of interests in players went from the general manager through the scouts and to the coaches. Nollenberger emphasized the importance of communication in all front offices, and not just with the Cleveland...

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‘Fins Up: The Rise of The Miami Dolphins

Reading Time: 4 minutesThe NFL in 2020 has seen its fair share of surprises. The Steelers are undefeated through 10 weeks, the Patriots are below .500 more than halfway through the season and the Cowboys are the worst team in the NFC. But perhaps the biggest of them all is the sudden surge of the Miami Dolphins, who through 10 games hold a 6-4 record and for the first time in 3 years, are in position to make the playoffs. So how has Miami gotten here and are they set up for a legitimate success in the 2020 season...

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An Amazin’ Breath of Fresh Air

Reading Time: < 1 minuteSince their miraculous 1986 World Series win, Mets fans have not had much to cheer about. The team’s strategy has long been the exact opposite of their pinstriped rival a couple miles up north. Fans have suffered through embarrassing scandals, shameful trades, penny-pinching owners, and overall, utter incompetence. That though will soon change. On October 30th, after a grueling process that featured hurdles from every walk of life, including the mayor of New York, Steven A. Cohen was approved to become the fifth owner of the New York Mets.  Two days later, Cohen tweeted out...

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