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2021 NL East Preview: Full House

Reading Time: 9 minutesFor the first time since October, Major League Baseball is being played. Much like last year, the National League East is the most loaded division in the league. All five teams have serious playoff aspirations and have the talent to get there. Atlanta is out for blood and looking to take the final step with a revamped New York squad right on their tails. Washington and Philadelphia no doubt have the teams to make it to October and Miami is coming off a stunning return to the playoffs last year. With all that being said, here...

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The Surprise That is the 2020 NBA Draft

Reading Time: 3 minutesGoing into the 2020 NBA draft, the pool of players was looked at as weaker than past years. The draft wasn’t seen as top heavy or deep at all. At the time, experts were saying that none of the top players in the 2020 draft would be highly selected in the 2021 NBA draft. But as we approach the halfway mark of the 2020-21 NBA season, this class has shown that it had the potential to be a great one. The top picks in this class have not disappointed. First overall pick Anthony Edwards has been...

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Minor Conference Tournament Previews: Volume 1

Reading Time: 5 minutesWelcome to the first of a three-part series where we give you a look at all minor NCAA Division 1 conference tournaments. Conference tournament season is finally upon us, and around 300 teams beginning in late February will battle it out for spots in the 2021 NCAA Tournament. This battle is even steeper for teams in 21 “low-major” conferences, as the tournament champ will almost certainly be that conference’s only representative in March Madness. The talent is still prevalent on these low-major teams however, and we’ve seen squads like 2018 UMBC, 2012 Norfolk St, and 2013...

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Mourinho In: Why Tottenham’s Devastating Poor Run of Form Shouldn’t Sack the Manager

Reading Time: 4 minutesWhile holding 3 fingers: “Do you know what this is? 3-0. But it also means three Premierships and I won more Premierships alone than the other 19 managers together.” This is the famous quote Jose Mourinho said to a reporter, when his United side lost 3-0 to Tottenham in the 2018 Premier League season.  Since the beginning of his illustrious career, Jose Mourinho has won over 20+ trophies, including two UEFA Champions Leagues with Porto and Inter. During that time, Tottenham have had over 12 managerial changes. They have won only one major trophy: The EFL...

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Carson Wentz to Indianapolis: Breaking Down the Trade

Reading Time: 2 minutesIT’S OFFICIAL! Carson Wentz has been traded to his ideal trade destination—the Indianapolis Colts—for a 2021 3rd round pick and 2022 conditional 2nd round pick. The 2nd round pick can become a 1st round pick if Carson Wentz plays at least 75% of Indy’s snaps next year OR 70% of the snaps IF the Colts make the playoffs. Now that Carson Wentz has been traded, none of the 22 QBs drafted in the 1st round between 2009-2016 draft classes are with their original teams. What’s next? One of two things: Jalen Hurts will take the keys...

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