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Category: NBA DRAFT

Scottie Barnes’ Incredible Two-Way Potential

Reading Time: 2 minutesScottie Barnes is considered one of the safest prospects in the NBA Draft after his efficient year coming off the bench at Florida State. But, what really draws teams to Scottie Barnes? 1. Body and Athleticism – 6’9″, 227 lbs, 7’2″ Wingspan Similar to Jonathan Kuminga, Scottie Barnes is built like an NBA veteran. He has a solid body and uses it to bully smaller defenders. This also comes in handy when driving as he does not get pushed easily. He is also long, giving him an advantage over many defenders. He also has big hands...

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Do Jonathan Kuminga’s Strength’s Outweigh his Weaknesses?

Reading Time: 3 minutesJonathan Kuminga has been storied for a while as many fans know the stories of Kuminga walking miles in the Congo to find the nearest basketball court. After coming to the United States and playing High School ball, Kuminga played a season in the G-League Bubble. But, how does Kuminga rank as a prospect? 1. Body and Athleticism – 6’8, 220lbs, 6’11″ Wingspan Jonathan Kuminga is physically gifted as he has the body of an NBA veteran. At 6’8 and 220lbs, he is built like a bull. Kuminga is very strong and dominates players. Despite his...

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Is the Jalen Green Hype Legit?

Reading Time: 2 minutesJalen Green has been on the scene for a while after being one of the top high school recruits. After taking a non-traditional route and playing in the G-League bubble, how does Green compare to other prospects? Body and Athleticism – 6’6, 178lbs, 6’7 ½ Wingspan  Jalen Green has been on the scene for a while and that can be due to his extreme athleticism. Green rose to the top and has hundreds of mixtapes due to his speed and vertical. At 6’6, Green is the perfect height for the two-guard. Green has to bulk up...

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Is Evan Mobley the Next NBA Unicorn?

Reading Time: 2 minutesEvan Mobley has been a highly praised center for his extraordinary abilities. But, is Evan Mobley legit and can he change the game of basketball for centers? 1. Body and Athleticism – 7’0, 215 lbs, 7’4 wingspan Evan Mobley’s unique body makes him a “unicorn”. His unique athleticism is one-half of that nickname. Mobley is a fluid athlete and runs like a professional. For his height, Mobley is very fast. His long wingspan should help him in the future. But the biggest concern is Mobley’s weight as he is too skinny for a center and can...

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A Deeper Look into Cade Cunningham

Reading Time: 3 minutesPoint Guard Cade Cunningham from Oklahoma State seems like the consensus number one pick. But, what does Cade offer? Let’s look and see if Cade is a legit generational talent. 1.Body and Athleticism– 6’8, 220 lbs, 7 ft wingspan Cade is much taller and longer than the average point guard and even bigger than a majority of wing players. Cade’s size can make him a good defender and rebounder against other guards.  Cade has exceptional footwork, however, he has average athleticism and his size does hurt his speed as he struggled to get past college guards....

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