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Category: PAC-12 CBB

Is Evan Mobley the Next NBA Unicorn?

Reading Time: 2 minutesEvan Mobley has been a highly praised center for his extraordinary abilities. But, is Evan Mobley legit and can he change the game of basketball for centers? 1. Body and Athleticism – 7’0, 215 lbs, 7’4 wingspan Evan Mobley’s unique body makes him a “unicorn”. His unique athleticism is one-half of that nickname. Mobley is a fluid athlete and runs like a professional. For his height, Mobley is very fast. His long wingspan should help him in the future. But the biggest concern is Mobley’s weight as he is too skinny for a center and can...

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College Basketball Transfer Portal Update

Reading Time: 2 minutesAfter an eventful 2021 College Basketball season capping off in Indianapolis, the Baylor Bears came out on top after a dominant championship win versus the highly favored Gonzaga Bulldogs. As the nations best keep making their decisions as to what their next step will be, we focus on the teams and players who I believe will come out on top next season. In 2022 we will see a very different atmosphere as fans will be back in the arenas which makes a massive difference for inter-conference games. With that being said, the transfer portal has been...

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How Josh Christopher will Transform Arizona State

Reading Time: 2 minutesArizona State isn’t particularly known for basketball prowess.  In fact, they aren’t exactly known for any sort of success in the sport.  The Sun Devils haven’t EVER had 4 really successful seasons strung together.  For such a large public university, this seems embarrassing.  But not for much longer, or so it seems. Following the hiring of former legendary Duke PG Bobby Hurley, ASU basketball has looked a lot different.  After 2 abysmal seasons where he was still getting adjusted, Hurley has led the Sun Devils to 3 straight 20 win seasons, a feat not common in...

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