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Five Potential Venues for Future Outdoor NHL Games

Reading Time: 4 minutesThe debut of the next series of NHL games played in the open air, following the likes of the Stadium Series, Heritage Classic, and the perennial Winter Classic, had perhaps a slightly rockier start than the league would have wished. Poor marketing, melting ice and Zamboni breakdowns caused a great deal of drama over the weekend, but also a great deal of discussion, because with all the issues, there also came a sense of reinvigorated excitement for outdoor games, and now that the league has realized they don’t always need tens of thousands of fans to...

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Takeaways from Islanders and Devils games

Reading Time: 2 minutesThe New York Rangers took on the Islanders and Devils in their first 3 games to start their 56 game campaign. There were definitely things people liked in those 3 games and some things that the Rangers and the fans don’t want to see a lot of this upcoming season. Let’s analyze the three games. In Game 1 the Rangers took a total of 8 penalties and the Islanders converted on 2 of them. Taking that many penalties in a game will put you in the loss column in any game, no matter what team you...

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Analyzing The New York Rangers’ Competition In The East Division

Reading Time: 2 minutesThe New York Rangers are entering the 2021 season in a newly created division with some new teams to contend to, primarily due to the outbreak of COVID-19. New York will be up against a new tough division with teams including the Flyers, Bruins, Islanders, Capitals, Penguins, Sabres and the Devils. Let’s take a look at this competition. Philadelphia Flyers The Flyers are a very strong team with a lot of depth, including an amazing center core alongside some great goaltending in their young netminder, Carter Hart. Prior to the pandemic, Philly was one of the...

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The Yukon’s Finest: How a Gold Mining Town Nearly Found Some Silver

Reading Time: 4 minutesWhen most people think of the Yukon, they probably think of a desolate and wild territory in the upper fringe of the Canadian landscape. But what if I told you that three years before any team from the country’s largest city made an appearance on the biggest stage in professional hockey, an unlikely group from the northern region made a run at the Stanley Cup. On January 13, 1905, a collection of senior league players from Dawson City, a boom town during the Klondike Gold Rush, played the first of two games of a Stanley Cup...

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Breaking down the NHL East Division: Why the Islanders are a Top 4 Team

Reading Time: 5 minutesWith the NHL switching up each division for the upcoming 2021 season, the New York Islanders now have a few new teams in their division, replacing two teams that have been realigned into another division. Though there are still eight teams in this temporary division. The division that the Islanders will be in this year will be called the East division, with the Boston Bruins and the Buffalo Sabres joining the Islanders, Flyers, Capitals, Penguins, Devils and Rangers. The Carolina Hurricanes along with the Columbus Blue Jackets will be in the Central division.  The Metropolitan was...

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