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How Chris Paul is a Perfect Fit for the Milwaukee Bucks

Reading Time: 2 minutesFor most of us, the Miami Heat dismantling the Milwaukee Bucks and winning in a gentleman’s sweep was surprising. It also seemed as though Giannis and the Bucks’ coaching staff had no answer to the intensity and toughness of the Heat. It might seem as though the future of the Bucks is in question. But there might be an easier fix than people think. No, it’s not firing coach Budenholzer. Yet. It’s trading for multiple time all-star and ultimate floor general Chris Paul. Throughout the regular season and his short playoff run, CP3 once again proved...

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The Oklahoma City Thunder’s Rebuild has Begun

Reading Time: 2 minutesThe Chris Paul home interview left the tower tipping, and now with the firing of Billy Donovan, it’s begun to fall down in OKC. With the Thunder moving on from their star duo in Paul George and Russell Westbrook, a new age was upon them already. They received as many as 15 first round picks over the next seven years, as well as rising star Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, all-star veteran Chris Paul, and talented scorer Danilo Gallanari in return, seemingly winning both trades. Now going into full rebuild mode, this team might have the most assets in...

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Revisiting the Paul George Trade 3 Years Later

Reading Time: 4 minutesBack in the summer of 2017, after a few disappointing years of mediocrity in Indiana after coming back from injury, Paul George finally asked for a trade. He wanted to go to Los Angeles to play for the Lakers but was shockingly traded to the OKC Thunder in a trade for Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis. From what we had heard at the time, the Pacers had better offers from the Boston Celtics, the Cleveland Cavaliers, and of course, the Los Angeles Lakers. As expected, PG and the Thunder didn’t necessarily work out. He did give...

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NBA Restart: How Far Can the Thunder Go?

Reading Time: 2 minutesWith the NBA resuming in Orlando in less than 40 days, basketball fans are excited to see their favorite NBA stars go head to head and how this complicated restart will play out.  One team that, although they probably won’t win the ring, may go far is the Oklahoma City Thunder, and they have quite a couple of weapons to help them make a deep run. First, we take a look at the 8 games that will determine seeding for the Thunder.  They play the following teams: Jazz Wizards Grizzlies Nuggets (2x) Heat Suns Clippers I...

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The Improbable Rise of Shai and the Thunder

Reading Time: 2 minutes(P/C: Sue Ogroki – AP)   After a fairly disappointing season where Paul George and Russell Westbrook were expected to lead the Thunder deep in the playoffs; a 49-33 season with a first-round exit by means of Damian Lillard (you know what I’m talking about) struck the citizens of Oklahoma quite hard. To make matters worse, both PG and Russ left for new homes, and the Thunder then faced a serious question: will they be the league’s laughing stock? Enter Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Chris Paul, both a young star and a veteran, who have led the...

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