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The Utah Jazz: the Team that Failed to Climb the Mountain

Reading Time: 2 minutesOn May 29, 1953, Edmund Hilary became the first person to climb Mount Everest, a monumental achievement for our society. On July 31, 1954, Achille Compagoni climbed P2, the second-highest mountain in the world. Many times we have seen individuals, or groups of people, climb to the top, and get over that mountain. As for a team named the Utah Jazz, who play in the mountainous area of Salt Lake City, were never able to get over that mountain. But this mountain is different, an invisible mountain with its bounty being an NBA Championship. And here’s...

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How the Jazz are Affected if the Season Returns

Reading Time: 2 minutesNow we’re all pretty familiar with the situation going on right now. With the NBA gone it’s only best to hope for a season that’s shortened, shortened playoffs, etc. It’s pretty ridiculous to hope for the season to pick up where it got cut short, however, I will be analyzing how these possibilities affect the Jazz and what might happen in each scenario. Assuming the season returns straight in the playoffs, the Jazz aren’t looking too hot. With the fourth seed they’ll be matching up with the Thunder. Even winning that series in 6 games would...

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The Curse of the Gold Jazz Uniforms

Reading Time: 2 minutesThe Jazz just came off a rough loss to the San Antonio Spurs, and unfortunately, it’s not a surprise to many. The reason behind this lies right in front of your nose. And it’s not something that you would very much expect. It’s the gold jerseys. Some people may wonder what it is that I’m talking about, but it’s no secret to Jazz fans that the Jazz play horribly in these jerseys, which have quickly become terribly unpopular. The vibrant gold was once a fan favorite, but the jerseys are now associated with losing. Where did...

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