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Now we’re all pretty familiar with the situation going on right now. With the NBA gone it’s only best to hope for a season that’s shortened, shortened playoffs, etc.

It’s pretty ridiculous to hope for the season to pick up where it got cut short, however, I will be analyzing how these possibilities affect the Jazz and what might happen in each scenario.

Assuming the season returns straight in the playoffs, the Jazz aren’t looking too hot. With the fourth seed they’ll be matching up with the Thunder.

Even winning that series in 6 games would almost guarantee a second-round exit to the Lakers. Best-case-scenario the Pelicans scrape past the Lakers but that likely won’t happen.

So the Jazz are not looking at a deep playoff run. And alleged chemistry issues between stars may not be solved at that time. Simply put, the near future isn’t looking bright in Utah.

Now, this isn’t to say that there is no hope. If the season returns in May and the Jazz have 15 games before the playoffs, they might just have what it takes to make a deep run.

If stars put issues aside and focus on winning, the Jazz could steal the 3rd seed, which would set them up to likely play against the Rockets, who some might say is a harder first-round matchup.

But a win there would likely have them playing the Clippers, who haven’t quite lived up to expectations. They’re much more beat-able than the Lakers and assuming the Jazz can beat the Clippers, they’re in the Western Conference Finals.

Is this all a reach? Yes, but with the impending cancellation of the season possibly on the rise anything at this point seems possible.

Can the Jazz work out chemistry issues before that happens? Let’s hope. If key players step up when it counts this Jazz team has what it takes to contend. But, when there is an unhappy Mitchell leading them, it doesn’t work.

When an unhappy Gobert is under appreciated and under scrutiny nonstop, players may not have that same fire. The Jazz can only hope these issues are ironed out in time.

With training facilities reopening May 1st the Jazz can prove to each other they are willing to work, and that they still have the desire and passion required to go as far as many fans hope.

This far into the season it would be one of the most disappointing stories to see a team with all that talent go to waste.

Photo Credit: Silas Walker / Deseret News