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Category: NUGGETS

The Sensation of Michael Porter Jr.

Reading Time: 3 minutes The NBA has yet another budding superstar. Averaging 22 points and nine rebounds in the bubble, Michael Porter Jr. has shocked the NBA world night in and night out. Porter Jr. has displayed unexpected offensive explosions helping the Denver Nuggets maintain the three-seed in a tough Western Conference. His presence as a scoring option has opened up the court for the rest of his team. If Porter continues to perform the way he has, Denver could be looking at a deep playoff run. But why was Porter’s performance so unexpected?The year is 2017, Michael Porter...

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What A Hypothetical Rockets vs. Nuggets Matchup Would Look Like

Reading Time: 3 minutesThe Houston Rockets and Denver Nuggets currently hold the 6th and 3rd seed in the Western Conference, (respectively) and a best-of-7 matchup between these two teams would be very interesting. This is primarily because of one reason. Height. The Houston Rockets would likely play their normal starting lineup of Russell Westbrook, James Harden, Eric Gordon, Robert Covington, and PJ Tucker. The tallest player in this starting lineup is Robert Covington at 6’7″, and their “center” PJ Tucker is 245 pounds, but only 6’5″. The Denver Nuggets, on the other hand, could theoretically run a lineup of...

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