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Why the Blackhawks Will Win At Least Two Playoff Rounds

Reading Time: 2 minutesWith the NHLPA approving the 24-team return-to-play format on May 22, 2020, Blackhawk’s playoff hockey is officially back in Chicago for the first time since 2017. The team will face the Edmonton Oilers in the play-in round, and will then lead to the typical 16-team format used year-to-year. If they beat the Oilers, they will play the Dallas Stars in the official first round series. I believe the Blackhawks can beat both of these teams. Here’s why: First, the Blackhawks have playoff-proven players in Johnathan Towes, Patrick Kane, Brandon Saad, Duncan Keith, and even other non-dynasty...

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How the Injury Plagued Blackhawks will Benefit From the Suspended Season

Reading Time: 2 minutesWhen the NHL season was suspended on March 12, the Blackhawks were in bad shape. Really bad shape. Brent Seabrook was out for the year, along with Calvin DeHaan, Andrew Shaw, Drake Caggiula, and Zack Smith. Guys who all played different roles but could still contribute to the Blackhawks success this season. While Brent Seabrook and Andrew Shaw are not expected to return this year, Calvin DeHaan and Adam Boqvist are expected to come back, and Zack Smith still remains questionable. By getting Calvin DeHaan back, the Blackhawks now have a partner to play alongside Duncan...

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