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Phenom Media is a sports media outlet founded by (then) 15 year old Cole Nevins, in December of 2019.

Phenom’s website contribution is entirely consisted of youth writers with a shared passion for sports.

All the articles are high-quality, detailed pieces that touch on the biggest and brightest headlines in the sports world.

Extra content is also published to our Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube and Podcast platforms that are attached to the website’s homepage.

Here at Phenom Media, our goal is to provide kids from not only the US — but around the world — an organized, online platform where they can share their sports takeaways and opinions to more than just their inner-circle of friends and family.

In a time where our youth sports minds can clearly compete with — or even outsmart — many mainstream sports analysts when it comes to knowledge level and ability to present a strong opinion, it is crucial to have a space for these kids to showcase their talents on a large scale. With that, the time contributing to Phenom Media can provide key pointers on the ins-and-outs of sports journalism, to better set up all the writers for a bright future in the professional sports media world. The content published is truly not intended for just the youth demographic – it is for everyone looking for high-end sports content.

Phenom Media is an idea inspired by Cole’s original website; which was born in August of 2012. ColeOnSports was a personal sports blog that allowed Cole to share his never-ending sports takes on the internet, as well as learn multiple parts sports media industry that included: article writing, podcasting, website development, social media graphics / ‘page running’, promotion and much more. Over seven years later, Cole wanted to expand ColeOnSports in a huge way, by opening up his original idea to more kids who share the same common passion of sports — and that’s how Phenom Media came to fruition.


Are you a young sports fanatic and interested in writing for Phenom Media? E-mail, or DM one of our social media pages to potentially be added to the Phenom Team!