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Phenom Media is a sports media outlet founded by (then) 15-year-old Cole Nevins, in December of 2019.

Phenom enables passionate young minds from around the world to share their sports knowledge across an array of organized media platforms, while also preparing them for a career in the sports media industry by creating a professional atmosphere throughout the company, and encouraging them to create a diverse range of content.

Our Contributors

Over 200 students, ranging from age 13 to 20, have created content for Phenom collectively covering all the major sports across all major social media platforms. The contributors can choose what content they would like to create, as well as what topics they want to talk about in their content. In terms of the Phenom platforms, content is produced frequently on all the major social media platforms.

Social Media Content

The Phenom website publishes quality articles — ranging in length — allowing the writers to create an effective story to convey their thoughts. On the Instagram page, posts include featured quotes from the Phenom articles, collaborative rankings, engaging debates, and instant news. All graphics are of professional quality. The Twitter page promotes every single article published to the website along with a quote, as well as original + creative content like intriguing statistics, trending memes, polls, reactions, and much more. In terms of video content, 15-60 second videos — consisting of quick takes and stories — are posted to TikTok, while longer form opinions and stories are posted to the YouTube page. All videos are well-produced and include details and elements to enhance the quality.

The Story Behind Phenom

Phenom was inspired by ColeOnSports — a personal sports media platform — which Cole created at age 8 in August 2012. ColeOnSports grew from an individual sports blog website ( to a platform on all the major social media platforms, including a podcast. After running his own platform for 7 years, Cole realized that passionate young sports minds — just like himself — were struggling to create their own quality content, and build a solid following on their own. This prompted Cole to start Phenom, giving those kids the special opportunity to work towards building a bigger collaborative platform, and allowing them to focus on creating quality content rather than worrying about a follower count.


Are you interested in being a part of the Phenom team? E-mail, or DM one of our social media pages for more information.