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Category: NFL

Making The Case For Why The Giants Will Win The Division

Reading Time: 4 minutesThe New York Giants are coming off of a very eventful off-season with some brand new names joining the offense and a couple of guys getting massive extensions, it is clear that this organization is moving towards a win-now mode. This season is going to be a big one for the franchise’s most important players, Saquon Barkley and Daniel Jones, as they are both likely seeking new extensions with the team. The Giants finished second in the division last year and there is a chance that this season this team will be division champions once again. ...

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Predictions for the NFL MVP Race

Reading Time: 4 minutesThis upcoming NFL season will be an interesting one, as we will see players coming back from injury and other players rocking new uniforms. This year’s NFL MVP race could go multiple ways. However here are my predictions for the top 5 players in the MVP race: 1. Aaron Rodgers After months of arguments with management, Rodgers will be returning to Green Bay for his “Last Dance.” I believe that the reigning MVP has the best chance to win the award again. Not only did he silence the haters last year, but he will now have...

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Top 5 QBs Most Likely To Make a Josh Allen-Type Jump

Reading Time: 3 minutesLast season, we saw Josh Allen make a massive jump in performance for the Buffalo Bills. This year, many quarterbacks are poised to make a similar jump. Here are the top five most likely quarterbacks to make a Josh Allen-type jump. 1. Kyler Murray – Cardinals Murray has shown flashes of greatness throughout his first two years in the NFL but has yet to consistently play at an elite level. Like Allen, Murray wasn’t the most refined prospect coming out of college and it wasn’t until his third year that the Bills QB found his footing...

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The USFL’s Three Keys to Finding Success

Reading Time: 3 minutesThe USFL is returning after a decades-dormant hiatus. Can the league find success in the modern era? In 1982, the short-lived United States Football League was founded, lasting three seasons. Forty years later, the league has announced a return, restarting play in 2022. For football fans, this is exciting. Many have welcomed spring football, giving people more opportunities to watch the sport after Super Bowl Sunday. Sports fans are always amped for more football action, and fans will undoubtedly be excited for the USFL. The obstacles for the USFL are massive though, and generating long-term success...

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Exactly How New are the Madden 22 Franchise Features?

Reading Time: 5 minutesMadden has tried many things over the last few years to draw in players. The additions of a story mode, Superstar KO, and The Yard were previous years’ marketing schemes and to some extent, they worked. Copies were sold on the promise of these modes but quickly they all fell to the wayside of Madden’s two most popular game modes, Madden Ultimate Team and Franchise. While Madden Ultimate Team gets constant updates, Franchise has stayed relatively untouched for many years now, prompting the #FixFranchiseMode to gain a massive following before the release of last year’s game....

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