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Week 11 Takeaways: How Much Worse can Philly get?

Reading Time: 2 minutesWhat is it going to take…what is it going to take? Philadelphia never backs up their talk, and they never get any better. Even as they get slightly healthier, they play just as bad. They have just as bad of coaching, just as bad of execution, and still have just as many injuries. Offense This was not the first time this season the Eagles first drive was their best for the entire game. The Eagles outplayed the Browns all game offensively and even defensively in this game without factoring in turnovers. But, Carson Wentz was sacked...

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Eagles Decimated By Daniel Jones and The Giants In Week 10, 27-17

Reading Time: 2 minutesThe Eagles suck. Carson Wentz sucks. Doug Pederson sucks. The linebackers suck. The run defense uncharacteristically has sucked in some games, and the offense completely sucks. Everything about the Eagles sucks. I am so tired of trying to find hope and positivity in a team that has simply failed to live up to expectations, even with the amount of injuries that have piled up this season for Philadelphia. Coaching WHAT DID YOU SPEND TWO WEEKS PREPARING FOR?! Clearly nothing. Daniel Jones decapitated the run defense with Zone Reads when they played a few weeks ago, so...

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Week 8 Eagles Takeaways: Ugly Philly Win Widens Division Lead

Reading Time: 2 minutesWow. This game sucked. Like actually sucked. Carson Wentz got worse once again. The defense did look really solid Sunday night though. I am just happy to see the Eagles manage to pull this one out. They got some key players back, and they actually did not utilize them as much as I would have liked to see. Either way, Philly did what I expected them to do by winning. They successfully contained Ezekiel Elliott and Amari Cooper, for once. Carson Wentz Carson Wentz look real rough. After three pretty promising games, two of which against...

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Week 7 NFC East “Showdown”: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Reading Time: 2 minutes I get heart attacks watching Eagles games, man. New York went up 11 in in the 4th quarter and I was preparing to depressingly type my way through this article. But then, Carson Wentz’s 4th quarter heroics prevailed once again versus Big Blue. Wentz and the Eagles won their 8th straight against the Giants, and now LEAD THE DIVISION with a mediocre 2-4-1 record, ½ ahead of Dallas. The Good There was very little good. But, Philadelphia scored on their opening drive of the game, something they’ve failed to do all season. Now, fast forward...

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Eagles Week 6 Takeaways: Wentz, Fulgham, More Injuries

Reading Time: 2 minutesTwo weeks in a row now, the Eagles have blown me away. Against two of the top defenses in the entire league, Pittsburgh and Baltimore, the Eagles scored 29 and 28 points respectively. This all happened with two of eleven offensive starters, plus key contributors to the secondary and occasionally the defensive line. Carson Wentz For whatever reason, Carson Wentz plays better with a depleted core (or at least one that looks like it). Wentz put the team on his back, and brought them back from an ugly first half deficit (down 17-0 at halftime). The...

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