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Author: Treyvon Hastings

Week 11 Takeaways: How Much Worse can Philly get?

Reading Time: 2 minutesWhat is it going to take…what is it going to take? Philadelphia never backs up their talk, and they never get any better. Even as they get slightly healthier, they play just as bad. They have just as bad of coaching, just as bad of execution, and still have just as many injuries. Offense This was not the first time this season the Eagles first drive was their best for the entire game. The Eagles outplayed the Browns all game offensively and even defensively in this game without factoring in turnovers. But, Carson Wentz was sacked...

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Ohio State Week 5 Takeaways: Surviving a Shoutout

Reading Time: 2 minutesIt was simply surviving. That’s how it felt, and that’s how it appeared for Ohio State. In a game that honestly exposed Ohio State defensively, Indiana kept closing the gap on the Buckeyes Offensively, Ohio State amassed huge numbers, even with 3 Justin Fields turnovers, and they showed true balance in the win. However, I still have no idea what to think, though: Is Indiana legit, or did Ohio State struggle?  Justin Fields Fields had the worst game of his career, by far. He played better in the second half, but it didn’t matter. I have...

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Eagles Decimated By Daniel Jones and The Giants In Week 10, 27-17

Reading Time: 2 minutesThe Eagles suck. Carson Wentz sucks. Doug Pederson sucks. The linebackers suck. The run defense uncharacteristically has sucked in some games, and the offense completely sucks. Everything about the Eagles sucks. I am so tired of trying to find hope and positivity in a team that has simply failed to live up to expectations, even with the amount of injuries that have piled up this season for Philadelphia. Coaching WHAT DID YOU SPEND TWO WEEKS PREPARING FOR?! Clearly nothing. Daniel Jones decapitated the run defense with Zone Reads when they played a few weeks ago, so...

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DeMar DeRozan to the Lakers: A Win-Win

Reading Time: 3 minutesThe Los Angeles Lakers have been in headlines lately for their rumored interest in Chris Paul and Derrick Rose for some time now. But now, there is a new target the Lakers are reportedly pursuing. Enter DeMar DeRozan! I am sure the lasting memory all of us have about DeMar DeRozan is LeBron repeatedly sending the DeRozan-led Toronto Raptors home from the playoffs for the entirety of LeBron’s second stint with the Cleveland Cavaliers. People seem to have forgotten that DeMar DeRozan is even in the NBA, which tends to happen when you get traded to...

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Week 3 Ohio State Takeaways: Buckeyes Offense Continues Dominance

Reading Time: 2 minutesOhio State was up just 7-3 for awhile, and then one of the most dynamic offenses simply exploded in the 2nd quarter. All of a sudden the score was 35-3 at halftime against a Rutgers team that was actually competitive. The game was going extremely smoothly, and then Rutgers piled on the points late to make the score look a lot more competitive than it really was. Either way, the defense is still catching up to the offense. Justin Fields More and more touchdowns, with less and less inefficiency. This guy is on a tear right...

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