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Zion WIliamson’s Sophomore Season in Review

Reading Time: 2 minutesGoing into this season a lot of eyes were on Zion Williamson. Arguably the most exciting prospect since the great Lebron James, Williamson proved that he had the makings to live up to his potential in his rookie year.  However, the only downfall from that rookie year was the fact he played a mere 24 games.  The basketball world eagerly waited to see what he could accomplish in a full season. In his first full year, Williamson accomplished more than what most NBA players accomplish in their careers. He became an all-star, averaged 27 points per...

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The Actual Problem With Zion Williamson

Reading Time: 3 minutesZion Williamson is undoubtedly one of the most exciting and intriguing young talents in the league. He’s super skilled, practically no one can guard him, and he still has so much potential. But there’s still a glaring issue with Zion Williamson that needs to be addressed: His play style. Zion gets his way on the court through his strength and athleticism. That play style could very well get him hurt. The man is 6’6″, 284 pounds, basically averaging over 22 points off of dunks and put-backs. He gets criticised for being out of shape and overweight....

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Top NBA Draft Targets for the Pelicans

Reading Time: 2 minutesWith the 2020 NBA Draft coming up, the New Orleans Pelicans don’t have a clear direction in the draft, considering the team has everything they need to make the playoffs. However, one position they lack serviceable players at is the point guard position. Targets for the New Orleans Pelicans: Lamelo Ball Killian Hayes Cassius Winston Nico Mannion Unless a miracle happens like last year, Lamelo Ball is out of the picture and most likely Killian Hayes. Cassius Winston is a good prospect but isn’t projected to be a top 25 pick. That leaves Arizona guard Nico...

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Zion or Ja: Making their Cases for Rookie of the Year

Reading Time: 2 minutesDuring the length of the season, it seemed clear since the Grizzlies’ impressive winning streak this season that Ja Morant would be the unanimous rookie of the year. Unfortunately for the No.2 overall pick, another rookie had emerged as possible competitor for the award. His name is Zion Williamson… you may have heard of him. The Memphis Grizzlies were not viewed as a great team going into the season, though Ja Morant has proved the basketball world wrong with the impact he has made. He leads all rookies in points (17.5), assists (6.9), and is the...

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