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Author: Andrew Nam

Zion WIliamson’s Sophomore Season in Review

Reading Time: 2 minutesGoing into this season a lot of eyes were on Zion Williamson. Arguably the most exciting prospect since the great Lebron James, Williamson proved that he had the makings to live up to his potential in his rookie year.  However, the only downfall from that rookie year was the fact he played a mere 24 games.  The basketball world eagerly waited to see what he could accomplish in a full season. In his first full year, Williamson accomplished more than what most NBA players accomplish in their careers. He became an all-star, averaged 27 points per...

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Is Mike Kryzewski Overrated?

Reading Time: 2 minutesDuke Basketball entered the 2020-21 season with fairly high hopes.  They started the season ranked 9th on the AP college basketball poll rankings and had a lot of new firepower coming into the team: Jalen Johnson, Jeremy Roach, DJ Steward, and Mark Williams. All of these players were Top 30 recruits coming out of High School and were expected to make an impact right away this year along with sophomores Matt Hurt and Wendell Moore. Duke and coach Mike Krzyzewski had a team that was expected to be a championship contender and be the usual shoo-in...

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Ranking The Top Soccer Players In The World As Of Right Now

Reading Time: 5 minutesSoccer players can be tough to rank amongst each other compared to some of the other major sports. Players play in different competitions, different leagues, and thus there are always arguments of how a top player would do in a tougher league than he is currently playing in. Then there is the case of each player’s job and skillset on the pitch. The top players are the ones best at their job and each offers a unique skill set that differentiates them from the rest. This list will consider every single asset a player brings including...

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What Went Wrong with FC Barcelona?

Reading Time: 2 minutesThe 2019 / ’20 season looked like an especially promising one for FC Barcelona. However, little did we know that it was going to turn out the exact opposite.  It all started in July 2019 when Barcelona signed the Frenchman Antoine Greizmann from their rivals, Atletico Madrid. The thought of Griezmann pairing up with the likes of Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi excited a lot of Barca fans. On top of that, this was the season the young but immensely talented dutchman Frenkie De Jong was set to join the squad. Fast forward to present day...

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Why the 2020 Season Could Be Year 1 Of the Dodgers’ Dynasty

Reading Time: 2 minutes Dodger fans know all too well the feeling of heartbreak, disappointment, and anger. From the 2013 season through the 2019 season, the Los Angeles Dodgers were the only team to consistently make the postseason every year in that yearly span. Los Angeles has come out a National League pennant title twice in the 6-year span. But what’s more impressive is every single year during that span, they have won their division, the NL West. The Dodgers have had the best record in all of baseball in two of those seasons, including a 106-win season in...

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