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Who Should the Detroit Pistons Pick at #7?

Reading Time: 4 minutesThe Detroit Pistons currently hold the 7th pick in the NBA draft, and they are looking to pick up a solid piece that will help them contend for an NBA championship in the future.  A superstar type player will likely not be available past the 5th pick, so drafting a guy that can be a 3-5 time all-star, and possibly make an All-NBA third, or even second team would be an amazing selection by Detroit. There is good news and bad news. The bad news? The Pistons don’t have a very good track record with the...

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Biggest Bust in Each of the Last Ten NBA Drafts

Reading Time: 5 minutesThe NBA Draft takes place on November 18th this year, and it is a time that many fans get excited for. But if you are a Knicks, Suns, Kings, or Timberwolves fan, every year the draft is complete uncertainty, considering these teams typically do awful in the draft, with a few good picks sprinkled in. And it doesn’t help that these teams typically have high draft picks, making the picks even worse. These teams have drafted some extreme busts over the years, many of them in the last ten years. Each draft has its fair share...

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How the Detroit Pistons Can Stay in the Playoffs

Reading Time: 4 minutesAt this point Detroit has two directions to go in, either trade away Rose & Griffin for draft picks, giving young guys some room to grow, or they can make the best of Blake’s huge contract that has become more of a liability at this point than an asset and make a playoff push. In the 2018-19 season we saw how Blake’s loss in athleticism was replaced by improved ball-handling, playmaking, and shooting, allowing him to maintain his All-NBA caliber play. While the Blake we got back this season was not the same, putting up 15pts,...

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How the Pistons Should Rebuild: A Breakdown

Reading Time: 2 minutesThe Detroit Pistons have been mediocre at best in this past decade, only making the playoffs twice. This year Detroit hit the reset button, trading away former All-Star Andre Drummond, and releasing Reggie Jackson and Markieff Morris. In order to become a successful team, the Pistons need to build from within, and stop trading away their pieces before they get a chance to develop. The Pistons drafted players such as Khris Middleton, Spencer Dinwiddie, Andre Drummond, and Stanley Johnson who they traded away before they even got a chance to fully develop. Middleton and Dinwiddie are...

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