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Why The NBA Wants The New York Knicks To Lose

Reading Time: 2 minutesFollowing the events of the 2020 NBA draft lottery, it has become clear to me that the NBA is incentivized to keeping the New York Knicks bad. And while I am a Knicks fan, this is an actual theory that I believe could be possible. Taking a look at the NBA draft lottery over the past few years, there is a common trend. Since 2015, the Knicks have never had a pick higher than it was originally expected. In fact, the Knicks’ draft pick has slipped to a lower position each of those years except for...

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Why The New York Knicks Made A Horrible Decision To Sign Tom Thibodeau

Reading Time: 2 minutesTom Thibodeau is a death sentence for the New York Knicks. Up until this point, it seemed like the Knicks were doing everything right front office-wise. This signing is the pivot that will send all of their recent progress right into the ground. I will give Thibodeau credit where it is due. He is a great defensive coach, which will be good for Frank Ntilikina and Mitchell Robinson, but that’s about it. As seen in his last coaching job in Minnesota, it was evidently clear that he was out of touch with the modern NBA. His...

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Knicks’ Big Board: Top 5 Draft Targets

Reading Time: < 1 minute1. Lamelo Ball Lamelo Ball is a 6’6 PG that can do it all. He’s proficient at shooting off the catch and would address the Knicks’ lack of scoring at the guard position. Ball’s court vision is also off the charts. 2. Cole Anthony Cole Anthony, a dynamic guard, is #2 on my list. Whether it’s creating space for his shot or creating for his teammates, he makes the game look easy, like he’s playing one step ahead of everyone else on the court. Anthony is also a great ball-handler who can finish at the...

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The Man Who Ruined the Knicks, and May Just Kill Another Team Too

Reading Time: 3 minutesThe Knicks have been terrible for a while. With the exception of the 2012-13 season, they haven’t been a contender since maybe the 2000-01 season. So why have the Knicks been so bad? More recent fans would say Phil Jackson, but honestly, all his errors have been erased. Glen Grunwald? He was bad, but not terrible. Donny Walsh? He was worse than people thought, but no, it wasn’t his fault either. Isiah Thomas…it had to be him! No, by all means he was bad, but he didn’t completely ruin the Knicks. Fine, it’s James Dolan, it...

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Why the Knicks are Still Struggling, and How they Can Fix the Team

Reading Time: 4 minutesThe New York Knicks are currently 4-19, which is the worst record in the NBA. This awful start is not only due to their current incompetence, but also incompetence throughout history. It has been forty-six years since the New York Knicks have won a championship in 1973. That’s longer than the existence of many other NBA teams. It is clear that the previous struggles of the Knicks still haunt them to this  day. Lack of a Star: When the Knicks don’t have their star, the team has never been able to mesh together. For example, when...

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