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Just End The Suffering: Can the Jets Potentially Be the Worst Winless Team in NFL History?

Reading Time: 4 minutesWith their loss to the New England Patriots on Monday night, the New York Jets fell to 0-9 on the season, the 24th team to do so since the schedule expanded. However, out of the previous 23 teams, only two actually finished the season without winning a game, the 2008 Detroit Lions, and the 2017 Cleveland Browns. Now, the Jets are bad, but are they worse than these teams? Well, they very well could be. The Jets’ worst start in franchise history was previously 0-8 in their 1996 season and went on to finish that season...

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The Future of the New York Jets

Reading Time: 2 minutesWhen does it end for the Jets? For decades put together, we have seen consistent failure from this team, and the hopes of a deep playoff run diminishing in September of every single season. It is a tough sight to bear for Jets fans, but what can they make of their future? The Jets hired Joe Douglas, a well known and promising executive who worked for the Eagles, to be the general manager of the team. Douglas came in with very high hopes from Jets fans, considering it was a change from long time dissapointing GM,...

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What’s Next For These Young Quarterbacks: Darnold, Haskins, Jones

Reading Time: 2 minutesThroughout their short NFL careers, Dwayne Haskins Jr., Daniel Jones, and Sam Darnold have been given little support to be able to justify their upper-first round draft selection. In 2020, Washington, the Jets, and the Giants are all likely to finish with bad records and could very likely end up with Justin Fields, Trevor Lawrence, and Trey Lance (in no particular order). So where would these young QBs go if they’re being dumped for a draft prospect. Here’s what I think: Sam Darnold – Indianapolis Colts Sam Darnold has played three seasons in his career, and...

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Why Sam Darnold is Not the Answer for the Jets

Reading Time: 2 minutes Sam Darnold is not the answer for the Jets.The goal of every single NFL team is to win a Super Bowl, and if that’s not possible, at least be a consistent playoff team.With Darnold, I believe it is possible for the second to maybe be reached however, I don’t believe that the first is possible.This isn’t really a knock on Darnold but more Jets former GM Mike Maccagnan, and Jets leadership for not firing him soon enough.The last six quarterbacks to lead their teams to the Super Bowl have been Patrick Mahomes, Jimmy Garoppolo, Jared...

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Why Russell Wilson will Hold Back the Seahawks

Reading Time: 2 minutes Jamal Adams is the best safety in football. He can stop the run like nobody else, and brought emotional motivation to a Jets team which, seemed lost at times during the season. Yet, by trading Adams away, the Jets are in a better position than the team that traded for him. New York has four first round picks over the next two years, a quarterback on a cheap rookie contract, as well as young talent around the roster. Meanwhile, Jamal Adams finds himself on a team convinced they are ready for a Super Bowl run,...

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