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Author: Cole Nevins

Sam Darnold’s Jets Tenure was the Ultimate Butt-Fumble

Reading Time: 6 minutesOn April 26th, 2018, I woke up in the shower. Not because I was getting myself ready for school: I legitimately slept-walked into the shower at 3:00 AM because I couldn’t sleep the night before the NFL Draft. If that story doesn’t describe the absolute thirst that Jets fans (like myself) have to find their franchise Quarterback, I don’t know what does. ———————— So how did we end up here, nearly 3 years later, with Sam Darnold in Carolina Panthers’ blue? The answer is the perfect storm that only the Jets could produce. I hate this...

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Harshly Grading and Analyzing the New NFL Uniforms

Reading Time: 7 minutesAs the NFL enters a new era following their 100th season, many teams decided to switch up their looks, whether in a modern, or traditional manner.  Being a logo and uniform expert, I decided to grade and analyze all the new looks for the 2020 season. Make sure to comment your takes below, on whether or not you agree with my grades.   Los Angeles Chargers The only thing holding back the Chargers from a better grade was the sizing off the Bolts on the shoulders, and the helmet numbers — which were a bit too...

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The Truth Behind Brady’s Departure

Reading Time: 3 minutesWhile Brady’s future may be blurry, one thing is clear as day: Tom Brady did not make the decision to leave New England — Bill Belichick did. As some of you may remember, I wrote an extensive piece in January, explaining the truth behind the Jimmy Garoppolo drama, and the undervalued — yet very real — power struggle between Brady, Bill, and Kraft. In that, I stated: Robert Kraft is now faced with a massive decision this offseason. Does he listen to Bill Belichick this time [unlike the Jimmy G dilemma], and move on from Brady...

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Brandon Steiner’s New Business Venture, and Journey to the Top: Recap of our Interview

Reading Time: < 1 minuteRecently, I had the great opportunity to publish an article for the Queens Courier – which is a part of Schneps Media – following up on my recent interview with Brandon Steiner. Steiner is the former founder and CEO of Steiner Sports, and current founder and CEO of CollectibleXChange. In the article, I recap our insightful chat about his brand new venture — CollectibleXchange — as well as his history as a bold entrepreneur, and his many thoughts on the new age of incoming Gen-Z entrepreneurs at the Distinguished Business Leaders Awards Luncheon held by, Long Island’s networking...

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The NFL’s Future Lies in the Hands of One Man

Reading Time: 7 minutesHate to sound like a 30 for 30, but what if I told you that the NFL’s future lies in the hands of one powerful man. ___ Let’s take a trip back to 2014… Despite his 37 year old quarterback seeming to have zero problems with his current performance level, Bill Belichick decided to draft a low-key QB out of Eastern Illinois by the name of Jimmy Garoppolo – with the 64th pick in the draft. Everyone was confused by the move at first, and wondered why Bill would use such a high selection on a...

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