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Breaking down the top potential trade destinations for Deshaun Watson

Reading Time: 3 minutesAfter the Houston Texans horrific season, Deshaun Watson has reportedly decided to request a trade from the team. The Texans had a 4-12 record and many of the players were unhappy including Watson and JJ Watt, their star DE.  The question now becomes where will Watson go?   One possible trade destination for Deshaun is the New York Jets. The Jets currently have the second pick in this year’s upcoming draft, after a 2-14 season. The Jets were lined up to get Trevor Lawrence after starting the season 0-13, but two shocking wins against two teams that...

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Three Keys for the Bears to Upset the Saints in New Orleans

Reading Time: 4 minutesHow the Bears could upset the Saints in the dome for a playoff win: The Bears are coming off a near 20-point loss in a very winnable game against the Packers, which they essentially lost because they only converted one touchdown on five redzone trips. If it weren’t for a Cole Kmet fumble in friendly territory and a very late pass interference call on a 4th down fade down the field to Davante Adams, this game could have honestly gone any which way. This game would eventually prove mathematically insignificant for the Bears, as the Rams...

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The Keys to a Bears Victory Over the Packers

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Bears magic number is down to one after securing a win against the Jaguars, and the 49ers win over the Cardinals. Even though the Bears are the holders of the 3rd wildcard spot and the 7th playoff spot in the NFC, playoff football for the Bears still looks like a reach. In order to make the playoffs, the Bears either need to secure a win against the Packers, or the Rams need to win against the Cardinals. The Rams will be without their $134 million quarterback, Jared Goff, in their game which is essentially...

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How the Bears are Chasing Down a Playoff Berth

Reading Time: 3 minutesWith 2 games left in the 2020/2021 NFL season, the Bears are just one game behind the Arizona Cardinals in the playoff race. After a divisional win, the Bears head into Jacksonville to face the 1-13 Jaguars, who have placed themselves into the Trevor Lawrence lottery with a Jets win over the Rams on Sunday. With the Bears offensive line getting healthier by the week, they have completely turned around the offense with the help of new offensive coordinator Bill Lazor and his new offensive mechanics. For just the second time in Bears history, the Bears...

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Looking at NFL Coaches on the Hot Seat

Reading Time: 5 minutes It’s not even December yet, but it’s not too early to look at what teams should be doing in the offseason. A handful of teams have already pretty much given up on their seasons and they are looking towards the offseason.I’ve always been someone who believes that teams should always move on from players and coaches earlier than others because this league waits for no one. Not firing a coach on time could set back their team’s rebuild by a year or two. Here are some of the coaches that I believe should and shouldn’t...

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