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Was it Right to make Bradley Beal an All-Star Starter?

Reading Time: 2 minutesIn the 2019-2020 season, Bradley Beal was having an exceptional season as he was averaging 28.6 PPG, 6.3 APG, and 4.3 RPG before he got snubbed from the All-Star game. Fans were outraged to see Beal left out of the game because no one averaged at least 28.6PPG and not make an All-Star team since Bob McAdoo in 1975-76. The media and fans saw the Wizards’ record and decided not to vote for him even though Beal was second in player votes. The NBA community and coaches vouched for winning instead of personal stats which is...

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The Wizards must trade Bradley Beal

Reading Time: 2 minutesThe Washington Wizards are currently rock bottom and the future is not looking any better. The team around star guard Bradley Beal is mediocre at best and currently, there is no hope in sight for this franchise. Wizards GM Tommy Sheppard has to realize that the only way this team can get out of this hole is to trade Bradley Beal and start from scratch. The Wizards don’t have the assets to try and improve this team and attempt to get another high caliber player to play alongside Bradley Beal and off-season acquisition Russell Westbrook. With...

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Why Robin Lopez was a Great Signing for the Washington Wizards

Reading Time: 2 minutesRobin Lopez was signed to a one-year, $7.3 million contract from the Washington Wizards. People look at that contract right away and assume that Lopez was not worth it, but his fit with the Wizards is perfect. For one, General Manager Tommy Sheppard made it known that Thomas Bryant was going to be the starter at the start of the season. That made potential free agent big men look somewhere else. Tommy has made it clear that he sees Thomas Bryant as the future center for the Washington Wizards and he didn’t want a potential free agent...

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Biggest Bust in Each of the Last Ten NBA Drafts

Reading Time: 5 minutesThe NBA Draft takes place on November 18th this year, and it is a time that many fans get excited for. But if you are a Knicks, Suns, Kings, or Timberwolves fan, every year the draft is complete uncertainty, considering these teams typically do awful in the draft, with a few good picks sprinkled in. And it doesn’t help that these teams typically have high draft picks, making the picks even worse. These teams have drafted some extreme busts over the years, many of them in the last ten years. Each draft has its fair share...

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How Severe is John Wall’s Achilles Injury?

Reading Time: 2 minutesThe media has assumed that John Wall’s achilles injury will severely impact his basketball career, but not many people have talked about the severity of the actual injury. Wall suffered a partial achilles rupture. Players like Kevin Durant have also had a completely ruptured achilles, but Wall’s isn’t as severe as Durant’s. Wall’s initial surgery was to remove bone spurs that had loosened ligaments in his foot. After the surgery, Wall fell in his house and was significant enough to re-injure the left achilles tendon. KD’s achilles completely snapped, and the entire tendon rolled up into...

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