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The media has assumed that John Wall’s achilles injury will severely impact his basketball career, but not many people have talked about the severity of the actual injury.

Wall suffered a partial achilles rupture. Players like Kevin Durant have also had a completely ruptured achilles, but Wall’s isn’t as severe as Durant’s. Wall’s initial surgery was to remove bone spurs that had loosened ligaments in his foot. After the surgery, Wall fell in his house and was significant enough to re-injure the left achilles tendon. KD’s achilles completely snapped, and the entire tendon rolled up into his calf. With Wall, the doctors found it badly damaged, but there were still strands of the tendon connected.

This is what separates Wall’s injury from the average achilles tear, as John didn’t even know that it was torn. That’s a clear indicator that his rupture wasn’t as severe.

John Wall has always taken off with his right foot and dunks with his left hand. He usually starts his moves by pushing off with his right leg, and he tore his achilles on his left leg, he should still have a quick first step and his signature right-to-left crossover.

Gilbert Arenas talked about how the main function of the achilles tendon is your vertical leaping ability, and it is said that the injury doesn’t severely affect lateral quickness and handles. Wall is one of the tallest and strongest point guards in the league, so he doesn’t need to jump over players.

Wall’s injury definitely wasn’t the worst-case scenario. I’m not saying John Wall will be the player he was before the injury, but don’t be surprised if he comes back playing at a high level. The amount of times John took off doesn’t dictate how severe his injury is. The form of the injury was actually the best-case scenario for Wall.

He’s has had two years to get fully healthy and not rush himself back. Wall has also been able to improve in other aspects of his game like his jump shot, which is why he is so confident about returning and playing at a high level again.

Photo credit: The Athletic