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Looking at NFL Coaches on the Hot Seat

Reading Time: 5 minutes It’s not even December yet, but it’s not too early to look at what teams should be doing in the offseason. A handful of teams have already pretty much given up on their seasons and they are looking towards the offseason.I’ve always been someone who believes that teams should always move on from players and coaches earlier than others because this league waits for no one. Not firing a coach on time could set back their team’s rebuild by a year or two. Here are some of the coaches that I believe should and shouldn’t...

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Taking A Look Back At Last Season’s NFL Headlines

Reading Time: 2 minutes The 2020 NFL offseason was filled with tons of unprecedented headlines many never thought would never happen. From Brady and Gronk leaving the Patriots to other stars like Jamal Adams, DeAndre Hopkins, and Stefon Diggs all being traded, this offseason was filled with crazy transactions. With these moves come big headlines and bold predictions, and as we enter the midway point of the season I’d like to go back and review how some of these headlines are making out.Tom Brady to Tampa has worked out great so far, although many (myself included) had their doubts....

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Why Mike Zimmer Made the Right Decision Against the Seahawks

Reading Time: 2 minutes Analytics if not already dominating the sport of football is soon to completely take over the sport. After Mike Zimmer‘s failed 4th-and-1 attempt from Seattle’s 6-yard-line instead of kicking the field goal to go up 8, many folks criticized his decision, citing an example like this for why analytics should be used less. While it is good to use context as well as analytics everyone saying that they should take the points here is simply wrong even with the context of the game factored in. First let’s look at from the perspective of if the Vikings do...

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NFL Fantasy Week 4: Start ‘Em or Sit ‘Em

Reading Time: 2 minutesStart ‘Em: QB Joe Burrow (CIN) Burrow has lit it up through three weeks, however has been held back by his offensive line. Burrow plays a decent Jacksonville defense, which is likely his easiest matchup so far this year. Burrow is still looking for his first win, and might find it with a big performance vs the Jags. RB Austin Ekeler (LAC) Ekeler has heated up ever since Herbert took over at QB for LA. Ekeler has regained his magic from last season, and is raking in the touches and receptions. Ekeler can destroy teams through...

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Why the Vikings Clearly Won the Diggs Trade

Reading Time: 2 minutesStefon Diggs and a 7th round pick were traded for a 1st (No. 22), 5th , 2021 4th, and 6th round picks. Many immediately insulted the Vikings, but I think that Minnesota made a great move; and finessed the Bills in this deal. The Vikings had no choice but to trade Diggs. He was frustrated with mediocre QB Kirk Cousins, who had recently been extended. Diggs immediately went to twitter to express his frustration, and made many hints that his time in Minneapolis had come to an end. However, the Vikings got incredible value out of...

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