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Category: NBA

Reviewing the Lakers’ Season

Reading Time: 4 minutesHow would you grade the Lakers season?  An argument could be made for either side, as to whether it was good or bad.  In the end, everyone could have a different opinion about this question.   However, I would use one word that sums up the Laker’s season, disappointing. The Lakers got so much hype after acquiring Dennis Schroeder and Montrezl Harrell as a lot of fans thought they would repeat as champions and that they were even better now.  They definitely got some good players throughout the offseason, but they also lost crucial players from...

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Is the Jalen Green Hype Legit?

Reading Time: 2 minutesJalen Green has been on the scene for a while after being one of the top high school recruits. After taking a non-traditional route and playing in the G-League bubble, how does Green compare to other prospects? Body and Athleticism – 6’6, 178lbs, 6’7 ½ Wingspan  Jalen Green has been on the scene for a while and that can be due to his extreme athleticism. Green rose to the top and has hundreds of mixtapes due to his speed and vertical. At 6’6, Green is the perfect height for the two-guard. Green has to bulk up...

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Is Evan Mobley the Next NBA Unicorn?

Reading Time: 2 minutesEvan Mobley has been a highly praised center for his extraordinary abilities. But, is Evan Mobley legit and can he change the game of basketball for centers? 1. Body and Athleticism – 7’0, 215 lbs, 7’4 wingspan Evan Mobley’s unique body makes him a “unicorn”. His unique athleticism is one-half of that nickname. Mobley is a fluid athlete and runs like a professional. For his height, Mobley is very fast. His long wingspan should help him in the future. But the biggest concern is Mobley’s weight as he is too skinny for a center and can...

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Zion WIliamson’s Sophomore Season in Review

Reading Time: 2 minutesGoing into this season a lot of eyes were on Zion Williamson. Arguably the most exciting prospect since the great Lebron James, Williamson proved that he had the makings to live up to his potential in his rookie year.  However, the only downfall from that rookie year was the fact he played a mere 24 games.  The basketball world eagerly waited to see what he could accomplish in a full season. In his first full year, Williamson accomplished more than what most NBA players accomplish in their careers. He became an all-star, averaged 27 points per...

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What the Ainge-Stevens Shake Up Means for the Celtics’ Future

Reading Time: 3 minutesAfter getting eliminated by the star-studded Brooklyn Nets in Round One, the Boston Celtics made moves very quickly. Long-time executive Danny Ainge has stepped down from President of Basketball Operations and Head Coach Brad Stevens has taken the title leaving a vacant head coaching spot. Should people have seen this coming? What does this mean for the future of the Celtics? Who will be the next head coach? Danny Ainge had been in charge of basketball operations for almost two decades. He has made some amazing moves including trading for Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen, trading...

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