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An Interview With Sal Capaccio: Bills Radio Host

Reading Time: 3 minutesJust a couple weeks ago, I had the privilege of being able to talk to Sal Capaccio. Sal currently covers the Bills for my local sports radio station, which is WGR 550 in Buffalo, New York. Additionally, he’s the sideline reporter for WGR’s Bills broadcasts, and he hosts a podcast he founded in 2017 titled SalSports…and Stuff. During my time with him, we talked about his path to WGR, some notable moments he had as a Bills fan, and what his plan would’ve been for Buffalo entering the NFL Draft. When I asked Sal when he...

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Be Where Your Feet Are: An Interview with Duke LB Koby Quansah

Reading Time: 2 minutesLast Tuesday, I had the ultimate pleasure to interview former captain of the Duke Football team, Linebacker Koby Quansah. Talking to him about football, his childhood, and what is ahead of him for the future. I can just tell how educated and mature he is for his age, Koby was truly a great person to talk to. One specific work however he said really pictures his story as it is: Adaptability. While being born in Ghana then immigrating to Minnesota at the age of four, moving around the country until settling in the state of Connecticut....

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Interview with Bailey From Foolish Baseball: The Mastermind Behind The Widely Successful YouTube Channel

Reading Time: 4 minutesI am subscribed to around 50 YouTube channels. Among them is Foolish Baseball, a channel that is about… well… baseball. With over 140,000 subscribers, Foolish Baseball is one of the more popular baseball channels to be found. Here’s Bailey, the mastermind behind it all: Question: What draws you to less mainstream players such as Tim Locastro (an Outfielder on the Diamondbacks who can steal first base) and Rod Barajas (a catcher with the inability to throw batters out)? Answer: They’re outliers. It’s that simple. I, and most other sports fans, are drawn to athletes that are extreme in one way or another. It explains the collective fascination with everyone from Bartolo Colón to Terrance Gore. For me, this manifests in talking about players that are excellent or terrible at one thing. In addition to Locastro and Barajas, Jeff Mathis also fits this description. Any player that pushes the sport to an extreme is probably worth talking about. Question: How do you come up with ideas for videos? Answer: I’m sometimes inspired while reading about baseball on sites like FanGraphs or Baseball Prospectus. It’s not that I scan text looking specifically for video topics, but certain words and concepts can definitely trigger ideas. I’ve heard similar stories about comedians who look for joke-writing inspiration while flipping through the dictionary. I think some of the best premises for...

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Interview With Former Cleveland Browns Scout: Dax Nollenberger

Reading Time: 2 minutesLast week, I had the exclusive privilege of interviewing former Cleveland Browns scout, Dax Nollenberger.  To start things off, I discussed with Nollenberger about the scouting process. We discussed topics regarding the year-round scouting grind and some of the specific details regarding professional scouting for an NFL team. We also dove into the very communicative environment of the Cleveland Browns and how the discussion of interests in players went from the general manager through the scouts and to the coaches. Nollenberger emphasized the importance of communication in all front offices, and not just with the Cleveland...

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Interviewing ESPN’s Jay Bilas — Part II: Preparing For Broadcasts, Christian Laettner, G-League and More!

Reading Time: 2 minutesQ: How do you prepare for a game? A: It’s a job that Jay and his colleagues are all immersed in. It’s something he has basically been doing his whole life and he has been studying the game as a broadcaster for the past 25 years. He already had great prior knowledge from playing and coaching in college. Over time he has done lots of studies on the history of the game. You can’t just cover one aspect, you need to be able to cover the entire landscape of the game. Before games, you need to...

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