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Last Tuesday, I had the ultimate pleasure to interview former captain of the Duke Football team, Linebacker Koby Quansah. Talking to him about football, his childhood, and what is ahead of him for the future. I can just tell how educated and mature he is for his age, Koby was truly a great person to talk to. One specific work however he said really pictures his story as it is: Adaptability.

While being born in Ghana then immigrating to Minnesota at the age of four, moving around the country until settling in the state of Connecticut. When asking was this a tough experience for himself, Koby answered “No”. Going on to say that “I learned adaptability, these experiences allowed me to be comfortable in an environment that another person may find uncomfortable.” Showing that no matter what the event might be, Koby can find the light at the end of the tunnel through difficult times.

After a great high school career, Koby would become a three-star prospect while being ranked the number one player in the state of Connecticut. Receiving 23 division I offers, one school stuck to mind for Koby. That was Duke. Koby says: “I have always thought of myself as a leader, so being named captain taught myself a lot”. While being honored with becoming the captain of the 2019/2020 Duke team led by coach David Cutcliffe. Koby was working on his degree in psychology, when asked, what it meant to him to graduate with a degree in psychology from Duke. He stated “It meant the world to me, being able to be a first generation college student in my family and not just to graduate any college, but for it to be Duke was really special to me”.

Unfortunately due to COVID-19, many pre-draft NFL events were cancelled, which made it hard for some college athletes to be looked at before the draft occurred. I asked Koby if he still sees football in his future, he then responded “Of course, I don’t know if I would be able to live with myself if I did not take the opportunity, if I could even get my foot in the door or just touch it. I would be able to live with that, I am still motivated. But with obviously coming from Duke, there are still many doors and opportunities that I can take to get my opportunity in a place like a sales associate type of role in the future”. Showing that the future is nothing but bright for this young man.

In this tough year for everyone, coming from someone that has been able to adapt in situations most people would not be able to. When asked what can people do to strive through these tough times, Koby says “Be able to look at yourself, being a psychology major. People need to work on their mindfulness, be able to find motivation within yourself. Many people are focused on the future and where they wanna be, instead of where they are at this moment in time. “Be where your feet are” Is a term many people have told Koby and is something he wants you guys to know. “Live in the moment” he says.

Koby Quansah was a great guy to interview, nothing but respect to him and I hope nothing but the best for him down the road.

Image: Reagan Lunn