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Welp, there goes the playoffs (if that is what you wanted). The Eagles poured out all the effort and energy they could, but were unable to find success practically anywhere after a great start in the first quarter. The Eagles led this game 14-3 BEFORE Fletcher Cox left the game with an injury, and it was all Dallas after that. The Cowboys went on to outscore Philadelphia 34-3 AFTER Cox’s injury, which was a big blow to an already depleted Eagles defense.


The defense looked like what it really is, which is injured and unable to perform consistently. With an extremely injured secondary, Practice Squad player and Cornerback Michael Jacquet got the start opposite Darius Slay, and it was brutal to say the least. Not only did Jacquet get torched by Michael Gallup all game, but then he gave up a huge gain made possible by an Amari Cooper Slant route that made Jacquet look even sillier. Quite honestly, someone off the street could have been able replicate the horrid performance by Jacquet, and when the switch was made from Jacquet to Safety (and former Cornerback) Jalen Mills, it was too late. At the point, the Eagles could not create any pressure with Cox injured, nor could they contain the run game. The defense played one of the worst games of the season. Obviously, turnovers by the Jalen Hurts-led Eagles did not help at all.


The offense went on  massive drought after a terrific start to the game. Jalen Hurts and the Eagles offense marched right down the field to start the game after a Dallas field goal, and then DeSean Jackson caught an 81-yard dot from Jalen Hurts to get out to that blazing quick start. Hurts threw 2 interceptions, and had a lost fumble on a TERRIBLE fumble got NOT get overturned, with the Eagles driving into the Dallas red zone. It was a blatantly missed call that could have changed the entire game and the momentum within the game.


Overall, not a great team performance, and although it would have been nice to make a run at the playoffs, the Eagles probably were not going to win a game in the postseason. I hope the Eagles lose Sunday Night to Washington. First of all, those putrid Dallas Cowboys would miss the playoffs, but the Eagles would be able to make an attempt at assuring itself at least a Top 6 draft pick. The Eagles draft selection can go anywhere from 3rd to potentially in the 11 range, so it would be ideal that the Eagles actually lose this game.

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