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Going into this season a lot of eyes were on Zion Williamson.

Arguably the most exciting prospect since the great Lebron James, Williamson proved that he had the makings to live up to his potential in his rookie year.  However, the only downfall from that rookie year was the fact he played a mere 24 games.  The basketball world eagerly waited to see what he could accomplish in a full season.

In his first full year, Williamson accomplished more than what most NBA players accomplish in their careers. He became an all-star, averaged 27 points per game, had a mind-blowing field goal percentage of 61%, and even launched the start of his own shoe line.

The most stunning stat however is that he had 20 or more points in 31 of his first 40 games. The only player to best that is Michael Jordan and that speaks as to how ridiculous Williamson’s second season was. Williamson’s incredible sophomore campaign could also be compared to another young superstar in Luka Doncic.

Doncic, like Williamson, had a great rookie campaign but wasn’t considered on superstar level until the end of his sophomore campaign. There are a lot of other young exciting stars in the league right now but simply put, Williamson and Doncic have the most potential to carry the league.

On top of the stats, Williamson has all the other makings to be the face of the league after Lebron James retires. He fills arenas, plays the game in a way no other player really can, and has a great personality. The only disappointment and flaw from Zion this year is that his pelicans missed the playoffs yet again. However, the Pelicans are just one piece away from becoming a dangerous team in the league and Williamson will only grow after this season which is a scary sight.



Photo: HoopsHype