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During the length of the season, it seemed clear since the Grizzlies’ impressive winning streak this season that Ja Morant would be the unanimous rookie of the year.

Unfortunately for the No.2 overall pick, another rookie had emerged as possible competitor for the award. His name is Zion Williamson… you may have heard of him.

The Memphis Grizzlies were not viewed as a great team going into the season, though Ja Morant has proved the basketball world wrong with the impact he has made. He leads all rookies in points (17.5), assists (6.9), and is the most efficient rookie in the league. (Per minimum of 15 games)

Zion Williamson on the other hand, has effectively picked up a struggling Pelicans team to a now-playoff contender. He recently became the first teenager in NBA history to score 20+ points in 10 straight games.

The question now is, who deserves it more?

If Zion wins, he will win Rookie Of The Year in the LEAST amount of games in NBA history (37). The only players that have been able to win ROTY in under 60 GAMES were Brandon Roy in the 2006-2007 season (57 games) and Patrick Ewing in the 1985-1986 season (50 games).

Zion and Ja will face off twice more this season, and are actively competing for the 8 seed; which intensifies the battle even more.

As long as Morant scores 25+ in both of those matchups, and keeps the game close and/or wins, (especially if Memphis makes the playoffs) he should be the ROTY. Morant has worked so much harder for a longer period of time this season and has impacted his team just as much, if not more, than Zion has with the Pelicans.

Morant has made the Grizzlies a better team with role players that are good, but not as good as what Williamson has in New Orleans.

Ja Morant is VERY well deserving of ROTY if he wins, and most fans will most likely be more satisfied that he won it over Zion Williamson.

Photo: CNN