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James Harden just requested a trade and would like to go to the Brooklyn Nets — according to the Houston Chronicle. Now, this is absolutely wild news and nobody could have predicted this a few months ago. But, here we are, things change fast, that’s how the NBA works. After his All-Star teammate Russell Westbrook requested out, Harden followed suit. Makes sense. But, his preferred destination is a bit of a head-scratcher for me.

If you look at it, a trade to the Nets would likely consist of Harden for Levert, Dinwiddie and picks. Now, on paper, a lineup of Kyrie-Harden-KD-Jordan-Allen is ridiculously loaded.

However, I just do not see how that would work out. Three ball dominant superstars, me-first players and elite scorers on the same team is not a good star. What makes it worse is Harden, Kyrie and Durant are all headcases and I worry for that locker room. These factors are just bound for disaster. We have already seen many times what happens when a bunch of big egos team up, it just does not work.

For instance, the 2013 Lakers with Kobe, Pau, Dwight and Nash on paper is the best roster probably ever. They finished as a six seed due to locker room and chemistry issues. A more recent example, the 2020 Los Angeles Clippers did not work out partly because their entire team hated each other.

History shows that teams like this hypothetical Nets roster do not work out, which begs into question if they will fall into the same fate.

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