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We’ve all seen it.

Bleacher Report created an article this past Saturday titled: “Top 100 NBA Player Rankings from the 2019-20 Season”, and the list received immediate backlash from the fans of the league. I’m not going to include their list here, but you can find a similar list on the Phenom Media Instagram (Shameless Plug)!

Anyways, I’m going to be stating why I believe their list is pretty good.


First, they put Jimmy Butler in the top ten. This was not a very popular choice for sure, but I think he belongs right where he is at number nine. Butler is one of the better leaders in the league, as he’s shown this season in taking the overperforming Heat to the playoffs. He is also the best player on a good playoff team.

Butler is one of the best scorers in the league right now, although his shooting is what stops him from being ranked any higher.


Second, Khris Middleton is in the right place. Or at least close to it. In my eyes, he isn’t top ten, but maybe eleventh or twelfth. The people who say he isn’t top 15 are unaware of his true value. Middleton is having a 50-40-90 season and is playing at an MVP level when Giannis is off the court.

He is the most efficient player in the league. Period. I can’t see him not being considered an All-Star starter next year. He has the potential. But he is running out of time to reach it. He was drafted 8 years ago, so he is going to hit his peak soon. But that will be soon, and maybe even in Orlando.


Third and finally, Trae is not being overrated. He was an All-Star starter, sure. But he sure as heck wasn’t the most deserving of that spot at all. Give it to CP3 or Ben Simmons before you even think about giving it to Trae. He is the worst defender in the league and was given the spot because of his decent shooting and amazing ballhandling skills.

I think he is rated just right at the 23rd spot.


I’m not going to argue for or against the Russell Westbrook placement. If he can barely make the 4 seed with the Rockets and their star power, he probably shouldn’t be top ten. But since he is putting up monster numbers on a nightly basis, he probably is top 20.

You decide that for yourself. Just know that this was all my opinion. Sam out.


Image: Jeff Hanisch/USA TODAY Sports