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Recently, Raheem Mostert has requested a trade from the San Fransisco 49ers.

Originally, I thought this was odd. Why would anyone want to be traded away from the 49ers?However, I realized he was angry that he wasn’t getting paid enough.

By playing in Shanahan’s system, Mostert’s value as a running back is going to be inflated and he’ll likely make more than he deserves.

The only reason why Mostert would do this is because he’s trying to get leverage for a potential extension.

Mostert clearly wants a new contract, but at this point in time he doesn’t have any leverage because the 49ers have proven that their offensive line and scheme can make it work with almost any running back with a good bit of speed.

Mostert’s contract doesn’t expire for another two years, and the 49ers are already dishing out more money to their running backs and full backs than any other team.

The 49ers currently have no reason to extend Mostert and I believe that this “trade request” isn’t actually a trade request, but a ploy for Mostert to get leverage and perhaps get extended sooner while stilling playing for an amazing team with a great run scheme.

Photo Credit: CBS Sports