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Stephen Curry is a 2x MVP, 6x All-Star, 3x Champion, arguably the greatest shooter, one of the best off-ball, and the best complementary player of all time.

If there is anything we have learned from years of basketball, it’s that every star needs players who complement their game to win at the highest level.

Stephen Curry, the greatest off-ball player of all time is no exception to this rule.

To get the most out of Stephen Curry, he needs playmakers, ball handlers, and shot creators who allow him to move off-ball and receive it in spots for him to score.

Draymond Green, Kevin Durant, Andre Iguodala, and Shaun Livingston were all of that for Steph. They were all guys who hit him in his spots and did it well.

Right now Steph leads the Warriors with 8 assists per game, with the second being Brad Wanamaker, averaging 2.5 assists.

That alone shows you that Draymond Green, currently out with a muscle strain in his right foot (expected to return this Sunday), is the only one of those guys Curry has left.

Kelly Oubre, a budget version and different player than Klay Thompson, gets his buckets in a similar way: he off cuts to the rim and has movement off-ball.

Andrew Wiggins needs his own sets, much like Kevin Durant, with a screen play or isolation for some two-level scoring.

James Wiseman has shown his three-level ability and skill with pick-and-roll plays, as the top-rookie performer thus far.

However, the problem is, none of these guys can facilitate, leaving that responsibility in Curry’s hand which takes away from his overall game.

With a healthy Curry and Green, I think this team has a chance at the playoffs. But any games they miss almost guarantees a loss.

With an injury-prone core, arguably their second-best player out, and possibly the toughest Western Conference of all time, the Warriors will not make it to the playoffs this year.

After all, a stacked draft is on the way, so another tanking season may be in the Warriors’ favor after all.