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With the 2021 season looming ahead, Formula 1 teams have been announcing their driver lineups. This new grid will feature a wide array of talented young drivers from Mick Schumacher (son of 7-time world champion Michael Schumacher) to Yuki Tsunoda. With all this excitement coming to the sport, fans have been ready to see some more young faces on the grid… then there is Nikita Mazepin.

Mazepin does not deserve to be anywhere near a racing car for is the actions he has committed and the FIA should revoke his Super Licence. Nikita has never shown proper abilities or any promise with a car and only managed a measly 6th place last year in the Formula 2 championship. This is not the only reason fans are chanting “WE SAY NO TO MAZEPIN“.

He is a dirty driver with no regard for the lives of those he races against, crashes out, and pushes into the walls, in order to gain positions or defend his. He has also been in altercations with other drivers such as Callum Ilot, who should be racing, only if it were not for Mazepin’s billion-dollar father who is essentially taking Callum out of the competition. In Formula 3, Callum and Nikita were driving in a practice session when Nikita said Callum didn’t allow him to set a fast lap. Keep in mind, Callum was setting much faster times and the stewards ruled that he had done nothing wrong. After the session, Nikita preceded to track Callum down and start a fistfight, where left Callum was left with a black eye and swollen jaw. Nikita never apologized for the incident and let his team do it for him.

This is not the only off-track incident concerning Nikita. He has tried multiple times to bribe girls with free paddock passes in exchange for nudes. And recently, a video has been released of him groping someone in the backseat of his car.

Nikita Mazepin has caused the most uproar in the F1 community anyone has ever seen and this is only the tip of the iceberg. He has committed various other actions such as threatening to release private information on George Russell, as well as being outwardly racist towards fellow driver Tsunoda. However, the Haas F1 team has said he will keep his seat, but it is up to the fans to change that and the community has made it abundantly clear: “WE SAY NO TO MAZEPIN.