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The One-Handed Hooper: Hansel Emmanuel

Reading Time: 3 minutesHansel “Kikimita” Emmanuel at age six was a normal kid in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. He spent his days at school and hanging out with his friends playing various games. Emmanuel had a special love for sports. Hansel could be found playing baseball but his true love was basketball due to his father’s professional background in the Dominican Republic as he played in the professional leagues and spent time with the national team. Hansel looked up to LeBron James and considered him a hero. However, things took a drastic and sharp turn for Hansel. One day...

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Weekly Sports TV Guide (De. 20-26)

Reading Time: 7 minutesMerry Christmas week everybody, and welcome to the first-ever Degenerate’s Guide to This Week in Sports, where I go over the biggest sports events in the week and help degenerate sports fanatics (you know who you are) pick one or a couple of games each day. However, take some of these picks with a grain of salt because COVID cases are popping up at seemingly every moment across the world of sports, so stay up to date on injury reports before making any bets. As we are just kids here at Phenom, we do NOT encourage...

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Demaryius Thomas: Pure Joy

Reading Time: 2 minutesFriday morning I woke up, dreading another day of school. I go to my phone on the counter, checking to see who won the game between the Steelers and Vikings. I rejoiced as I saw the Steelers lost, because who doesn’t enjoy that? Anyways, I go to my fantasy group chat, and I see the name, Demaryius Thomas. They almost never talk about him, so I search him up on the internet. My heart dropped as I saw these words: “Former Broncos WR Demaryius Thomas, 33, found dead in his home, police say”. I dropped to...

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Weekly Sports TV guide: Dec. 13-19

Reading Time: 2 minutesWelcome to another installment of your weekly sports TV guide, where we go over the must-watch events in sports each and every week!   Monday – Monday Night Football (Week 14) Rams @ Cardinals – 8:15 PM ET – ABC/ESPN Tuesday – NBA Warriors @ Knicks – 7:30 PM ET – TNT Suns @ Trail Blazers – 10:00 PM ET – TNT Tuesday – NCAAM #6 Alabama @ Memphis – 9:00 PM ET – ESPN Wednesday – NBA Lakers @ Mavericks – 7:30 PM ET – ESPN Clippers @ Jazz – 10:00 PM ET – ESPN Wednesday –...

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The BBWAA should be ashamed of themselves.

Reading Time: 4 minutesThe time has come yet again for baseball Twitter to spend the next several months eviscerating the Baseball Writers Association of America, also known as the BBWAA, and rightfully so. Even though the deserved criticism will be intensified due to the lockout, year after year the BBWAA lets down the entire baseball world by ignoring deserving players in favor of creating a popularity contest, wasting their selections on “strategic” votes, and taking a delusional moral high ground so unprecedented that it appears nowhere else in sports. Why are these issues inherently problematic? Let me explain. In...

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