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The Eagles suck. Carson Wentz sucks. Doug Pederson sucks. The linebackers suck. The run defense uncharacteristically has sucked in some games, and the offense completely sucks. Everything about the Eagles sucks. I am so tired of trying to find hope and positivity in a team that has simply failed to live up to expectations, even with the amount of injuries that have piled up this season for Philadelphia.



Clearly nothing.

Daniel Jones decapitated the run defense with Zone Reads when they played a few weeks ago, so why would you NOT prepare for it and still allow him run free all game? The Giants again pounded the Eagles run defense, as Wayne Gallman, Daniel Jones, and even Alfred Morris all had productive games running the football.

Offensively, you get Miles Sanders and Alshon Jeffery back, yet Jeffery was practically unused all game, and Sanders only got 15 carries.


If you aren’t going to use your playmakers Doug Pederson, then trade them. Actually, get yourself fired, please! He has failed to put this team in a position to succeed all season long. Endless two-point conversions that never work, short yardage situations when he calls a pass play rather than run with a top-12 RB in the NFL in Sanders, and the lack of usage for Jeffery, Sanders, and even Dallas Goedert. Defensively, well…DO NOT GET ME STARTED. Also, it took until halfway through the third quarter to get Carson Wentz out of the pocket when the Giants rank 26th against defending QB’s outside of the pocket this year.

Carson Wentz

I mean, at least Carson Wentz did not turn the ball over. I will say, he still needs to improve his accuracy, but this game is not Carson Wentz’s fault at all. His coach has failed to put him in the best position to succeed, and the defense is inconsistent like always.


This defense sucks. The defensive line got manhandled by the Giants putrid offensive line, and they struggled to defend the run again. This week will not get any easier, because they play run-heavy Browns with Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt. The linebackers cannot cover or effectively defend the run. All they can do consistently is tackle, and they are faster than a typical linebacker.

Those are literally the only positives compared to endless drawbacks from their skills. They are below-average replacement players, they should not be starting on any NFL team. As for the secondary, how many big pass plays are they going to continue giving up every game?! It is frustrating to watch, and honestly embarrassing every week.


Please get better, I do not know how long I can put up with this hot garbage.

Please, and thank you.

Doug Pederson should be on the hot seat, our defense should be a lot better, and our offense should be way better. It will not get any easier, too. The Eagles play the Browns on the road, followed by a home game against the Seahawks, a road game versus the Packers, then a home game against the Saints, and road game versus the Cardinals. After that, the Eagles play at Dallas and home against Washington. With the way Philly is playing, we could witness a 5-10-1 division winner, considering the Giants look prepared to win only two games on their remaining schedule, too. Keep getting healthy, and get better.

Image: USA Today