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Reports have lingered that Eagles longtime owner Jeffrey Lurie has advised team officials to build around QB Jalen Hurts for at least this season, rather than have a true QB competition. With that being said, I do not agree with Lurie’s involvement in the decision-making process. It’s not his responsibility to be so heavily involved in such a franchise altering move, yet here he is doing it anyway. Provided below the two most realistic and best QBs (in terms of fit) to keep an eye on in the free agent market that could help bring veteran experience and “competition” to Hurts this season.

Marcus Mariota

Mariota has been the most-linked to player on this list to the Eagles and Nick Siranni. He has appeal to the coaching scheme and fit, and his experience would definitely provide some knowledge for Jalen Hurts. They have a very similar skill set in the event of an injury, so little adjustment of the offense would be needed. Mariota also showed some promise last season while playing for an injured Derek Carr. The Raiders are reportedly releasing him after his trade market fell through, so keep an eye on Mariota. However, the concerns for Mariota are a wide-ranging and competitive market, lack of consistency, inaccuracy, and lack of durability.

Tyrod Taylor

I have always been a huge fan of Tyrod Taylor, mainly since his Buffalo Bills days. He’s never been a guy who plays smart, care-free football. He’s not a guy who will turn the ball over (cough cough Jameis Winston), and he also has a similar skill set as Jalen Hurts. Taylor can push the ball down field at times, and has some experience as a QB1, like Mariota. Taylor’s fit under Sirianni is likely as appealing as Mariota’s, since Chargers OC Shane Steichen has taken that same role on Sirianni’s staff. Taylor would mentor Jalen Hurts, and would obviously take over in the event of the injury, and is very capable of doing so.

Hurts, Mariota, and Taylor all share very similar skill sets, and they all fit the scheme that Nick Sirianni has in place for the Eagles offense. Even though Mariota is probably the better, more realistic option, I actually believe in investing in Tyrod Taylor more as a backup to Jalen Hurts. He’ll have less of a market which will make him cheaper, and he’ll provide all the same tools that Mariota does with less risk. Philadelphia should at least still consider drafting a QB in the draft IF the option is there, but that’s only IF the opportunity arises.

Please don’t screw this up, Howie Roseman. The fans of Philadelphia can’t stand the possibility of another missed opportunity.

Photo credit: Mark J. Rebilas / USA today