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CBS Sports recently released their top ten safeties in the NFL, and Chicago’s Eddie Jackson didn’t make the list. Jackson is a two time Pro Bowler and he made first team all-pro in 2018. Why doesn’t he get the recognition he deserves? Let’s take a look.

Eddie Jackson was taken in the 4th round of the 2017 draft by the Bears. That season, he started all 16 games and had two interceptions. One was returned for a touchdown, and he also had a forced fumble. Decent stats for a 4th round pick.

In 2018, Jackson really took off. He had six interceptions, two returned for touchdowns, and two forced fumbles. Jackson got his 2nd pick-six on Week 11 against the Lions. That was more touchdowns then Julio Jones had at the time. At this point, Jackson was making a name for himself making the Pro Bowl and made first team all-pro. He was also ranked the 5th highest safety ahead of the 2019 season. 

In 2019, Jackson had a decent season with two interceptions and a forced fumble. He didn’t have as many interceptions last season because he was playing a lot in the box rather then playing in his normal position at free safety. When Jackson playing there, he is one of the most dominant safeties in the league.

These stats don’t lie, so why doesn’t Jackson get enough credit? It could be the fact that he’s still young and didn’t have an amazing 2019 season. Age should’t matter though, stats should.

Let’s review why Eddie Jackson is a top five safety: In his first three seasons, he already has 10 interceptions, three of which were returned for touchdowns. He was graded the 5th best safety according to Pro Football Focus, he’s a 2 time Pro Bowler and has made first team all-pro in 2018.

Eddie Jackson is a top five safety in the NFL, and people should give him more credit.

Photo credit: The Athletic