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Author: Adam Giglietti

Interviewing ESPN’s Jay Bilas — Part II: Preparing For Broadcasts, Christian Laettner, G-League and More!

Reading Time: 2 minutesQ: How do you prepare for a game? A: It’s a job that Jay and his colleagues are all immersed in. It’s something he has basically been doing his whole life and he has been studying the game as a broadcaster for the past 25 years. He already had great prior knowledge from playing and coaching in college. Over time he has done lots of studies on the history of the game. You can’t just cover one aspect, you need to be able to cover the entire landscape of the game. Before games, you need to...

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Interview with ESPN’s Jay Bilas: Discussing Favorite Arenas, NBA Draft and More

Reading Time: 2 minutesRecently, I had the pleasure of interviewing highly regarded College Basketball broadcaster, Jay Bilas. Below, is the full Q & A with Bilas! What is the hardest part of being a sports analyst? “Well, there’s nothing hard about, there are just challenges to it, but that comes with every job. You just have to be prepared, but to me the hardest thing about my job is travel. Covid-19 is the longest I have ever gone without going on a plane. Before the virus there was not a time where I would go more than one night...

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Broncos Super Bowl 50 Secondary: Where They Are Now?

Reading Time: 2 minutesIn 2016, Denver’s stellar secondary was a large part of their success and Super Bowl run. Here’s where the Super Bowl 50 champion’s defense is now. Chris Harris Jr Many would say Harris hit his peak the season after the Broncos won the Super Bowl. Harris was spectacular in the 2016 season, making the All-Pro first team and being selected to the Pro Bowl. After that season, the decline of Harris was beginning as he was getting older. Harris, now 30, signed with the Los Angeles Chargers this past offseason. Fans didn’t love the decision of...

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Broncos Super Bowl 50 Offense: Where They Are Now

Reading Time: 2 minutesDemaryius Thomas: In 2018, Thomas got traded to the Houston Texans. Since being traded, Thomas hasn’t put up numbers anywhere near the ones he had as a Denver Bronco. After ending the season with 677 yards and 5 touchdowns, Thomas became a free agent where he would sign with the New York Jets. In 2019, Thomas struggled with injuries, which only allowed him to play in 10 games last season. Currently he is a free agent, and Denver fans have hopes of resigning him as a mentor for the young talent. CJ Anderson: In 2017, Anderson...

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Joe Burrow: Why I Believe He is Overrated

Reading Time: 2 minutesBurrow was a solid pick but there were really no other options for the Bengals due to the injury concerns of Tua Tagovailoa. In my opinion, it is too good to be true. Joe Burrow was not even projected to get drafted at the start of the 2019 season. So you are telling me that out of nowhere, this guy has one good season and everyone believes he is a superstar? To me, that is just too hard to believe which is why I feel Burrow will not be successful in the league. I believe that...

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