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Is a Malcom Brown trade the right move for the Saints? This is one of the only moves that could possibly draw some reimbursement for the Saints in draft picks. Of course, this move obviously has the added benefit of getting the Saints a few million dollars closer to under the cap once more. Overall, is a trade smart for the team that’s losing so much?

The Saints have to lose some players this offseason, and any move that could get a few draft picks will be much appreciated by an organization that will have no ability to make moves in free agency. However, since it is common knowledge that the Saints are in cap hell, it is unlikely that they will get a great pick for Brown, likely many teams will undercut the ask in the hope that the Saints just cut him. If Malcom Brown leaves there definitely will be a hole but with an additional pick, it makes the blow a bit easier to handle. However, with a pick that likely will be on Day 3, it won’t ease the blow much. Behind Brown is Sheldon Rankins, who can hold up, and other names like Shy Tuttle, who may hold up less. 

The real question for Saints fans is how much cap space will this free up and the answer is not much. The move to trade Brown would free up $5 million, which isn’t nothing, but in the grand scheme of things isn’t a massive chunk. While some other trades may free up more space and get more reimbursement, trading away names like Michael Thomas or Alvin Kamara is much less appealing than moving on from a Defensive Tackle. 

As for who may be a potential trade partner, there are a few teams that could easily make the move for Brown. The Jaguars have extra draft picks and the cap room for a lot of moves. They also have a definite issue with containing the run (4.7 YPC allowed). Other teams include the Cowboys who could find their replacement for Gerald McCoy, who was gone before he played a down, the Vikings who could use any help on defense they could get, and the Broncos who are in need of interior help after their release of Jurrell Casey. Any of these teams would be more than willing to send a late-round pick for a 27-year-old defensive tackle on a one-year deal who could turn into a presence for years to come.

Overall I think the Saints should definitely pursue a trade to move a player who hasn’t ever met his original numbers in the Saints system. The fact that it helps with cap and could get another draft pick to hopefully pick a replacement at one of the many holes to be left behind only helps promote this move. As for whoever trades for him, be excited about your 1 year lease of a young defensive tackle who has many years still to come. If we don’t see a trade happen, I’m sure we will see Malcom Brown’s name popping up in free agency soon.

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