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This trade seems absolutely crazy but when you think about it, it seems like it could be plausible. Let’s start out with what the trade details would be. The Lions would be sending Matthew Stafford and a 5th to the Broncos in exchange for Drew Lock, a 1st, and a 3rd.

Would the Broncos make this trade? Well, that’s an extremely easy yes.

Look at the roster that GM John Elway has built. They have a star-studded defense consisting of stars like Jurrell Casey, Von Miller, Bradley Chubb, and Justin Simmons. Also, the number of weapons around Stafford would be amazing with two top 20 running backs and three wide receivers that complement each other well.

The Broncos may be on the fence about giving up a chunk of their future shipping away Lock and a 1st, but Stafford has at least another 8 years left in him, and the Broncos can’t be 100% sure that Lock is the answer for the future. Stafford would be the final piece to an already amazing roster and would make Denver legit Super Bowl contenders.

The Lions decision is a little more on the fence. Patricia and Quinn have been given one year to turn around the Lions, but if they can convince management that they should instead build for the future it could be plausible.

With Lock and an extra first, they would potentially just need to show promise for management to give them another chance. It’s however unlikely because Lions management is unwilling to change, but in the case that they decide to stop being incompetent and actually build for the future, they may consider it.

Again, this scenario is completely hypothetical and would probably never happen in reality. But, it’s still extremely fun to look at, it makes sense when you think about it, and it could really benefit both teams.

Photo Credit: Rey Del Rio / Getty Images