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It’s no secret that DeMarcus Cousins isn’t the best personality to have on a contending team, but that’s a trait that is unlikely to be remembered years from now, especially as more online statistical sites are now in use to argue for or against players having a positive impact on a team.

While he is one of the most energetic big men in the league when things are going his way, the opposite can be said when he or his team is in a slump. Now, it makes sense for a player to not be extremely enthusiastic when they play for the Sacramento Kings, but Cousins often took it to another level.

From arguing with the referees (and receiving one of his many techs) to pouting because he wasn’t the one to put up a shot, “Boogie” Cousins was too often a detriment to his team. He has matured somewhat over the years, but he has always been one for drama.

But because of the way basketball is analyzed now, he won’t reap the punishments as harshly as he would have years ago. And that’s because of Basketball-Reference.

In 25 years or so, the average NBA fan will lean more on the easy access of Basketball-Reference then searching up articles and old highlights on DeMarcus Cousins acting unprofessionally.

The one thing that will carry over is the technical foul count. In DeMarcus Cousins’ first eight seasons, when he averaged 61 games played per season, he racked up 127 technical fouls. He then had seven more with the Golden State Warriors, despite only playing 48 games with them.

That would make his total a whopping 134 technical fouls in just nine seasons. Dirk Nowitzki accumulated 141 techs in his 21-year career. Not to mention, Cousins is second all-time in career ejections despite playing only nine seasons.

But even those statistics won’t be as accessible if Basketball-Reference keeps asserting it’s dominance and forms a monopoly on the basketball statistic front, and that’s simply because those stats aren’t available on Basketball-Reference, the site that is becoming increasingly synonymous with “NBA Statistics.”

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