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Author: Matthew Walter II

The SimRaiders are a Sneaky Good Buy in a Wild Market

Reading Time: 2 minutesWhen I was first introduced to SimBull I thought I knew exactly what I was getting. I expected playoff and Super Bowl teams to be worth a fortune, and those teams who had the first few draft picks to be the fewest. However, there were a few teams that seemed to completely go against this thought process and there was nowhere more different from expectations than the Las Vegas Raiders. As of the writing of this article, they sit at around a $38 ask which is the third-lowest for the NFL only greater than the Houston...

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Our Way Too Early AFC Wild Card Predictions

Reading Time: 2 minutesOver the last few weeks, many of my fellow Phenom members and I have been working out every matchup of the 2021 NFL season. We will begin by releasing our AFC Wild Card predictions and will go on from there to share all our predictions for the entire NFL season. The AFC North was the most interesting division when it came to the Wild Card, every team was predicted to make the Wild Card by at least one person. The Steelers, Ravens, and Browns all were projected to go by 2 different people and the Bengals...

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Does 40 Time Actually Matter?

Reading Time: 3 minutesEvery year, 40 yard dash times are the most talked-about part of the NFL Combine. Outside of players who set records or put up amazing numbers in other Combine activities, 40 times are most utilized when evaluating someone’s Combine performance. However, do good 40 times convert to actual success at the NFL level? While there are some 40 times fraught with legend, such as Bo Jackson’s reported 4.13, there are other players who play at a speed far beyond their 40 time, such as Barry Sanders who ran a 4.37. Overall though, how do 40 times...

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Is a Malcom Brown Trade the Best Move for the Saints?

Reading Time: 2 minutesIs a Malcom Brown trade the right move for the Saints? This is one of the only moves that could possibly draw some reimbursement for the Saints in draft picks. Of course, this move obviously has the added benefit of getting the Saints a few million dollars closer to under the cap once more. Overall, is a trade smart for the team that’s losing so much? The Saints have to lose some players this offseason, and any move that could get a few draft picks will be much appreciated by an organization that will have no...

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How the Jaguars May Be Set for a Playoff Run

Reading Time: 3 minutesThe Jacksonville Jaguars are on the verge of greatness, something uncommon to hear about a team that went 1-15 on route to a #1 overall draft pick. However, the Jags are in a unique situation and have the capability to turn around their franchise in very little time just as the 2018 49ers went on to a Super Bowl in just the next year after a 4-12 campaign.  First and foremost, all this lives and dies by the man the Jags decided to bring in as their new head coach. If Urban Meyer isn’t the man,...

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