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When I was first introduced to SimBull I thought I knew exactly what I was getting. I expected playoff and Super Bowl teams to be worth a fortune, and those teams who had the first few draft picks to be the fewest. However, there were a few teams that seemed to completely go against this thought process and there was nowhere more different from expectations than the Las Vegas Raiders.

As of the writing of this article, they sit at around a $38 ask which is the third-lowest for the NFL only greater than the Houston Texans and Carolina Panthers. How a team that almost made the playoffs is now sitting at second-lowest is something I cannot understand at all and I see it as the best buy for any NFL fan. Jon Gruden has made some interesting draft choices, and there are rumors that Derek Carr may be on the hot seat, but this does not justify such a low price on the market. Derek Carr still has posted strong numbers during his career and over the last 5 years the Raiders averaged 7.4 wins per season and while this is by no means a strong number, it does prove to be better than other teams whose value is higher on the market.

If the Raiders win 7 games in the upcoming season, investors will see a return of $3.50 on their $38 investment, almost a 10% return without any movement to the stock itself! While the division is ramping up with both the Chiefs and Chargers positioning themselves as clear playoff contenders, the Raiders still could get 7 wins reasonably, in a recent prediction I have them winning 8 on the season.

The most attractive reason I have for investing in not just the Raiders, but any team on this site, is the new 17 game season now implemented in the NFL, meaning you can make even more money with more chances to win. SimBull offers a 50 cent return on every win for your NFL team you’ve invested in so take advantage now to start seeing money coming in fast.

If you have a sleeper team you think will surprise some people or if you believe Pat Mahomes will lead the Chiefs to another Super Bowl, invest now to make some money off your prediction.

Good luck, happy investing, and go Raiders.



Photo: FanSided