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Just a few hours ago a monster trade went down between the New York Jets and Seattle Seahawks with the Jets sending Jamal Adams and a fourth-rounder to the Seahawks in exchange for 2 first-round picks and a 2021 3rd.

The Seahawks have one of the best quarterbacks in the game with Russell Wilson and the lack of a great supporting cast around him has really been the only issue.

The offense has been dominant for the most part with the great weapons and punishing running game that Seattle has. The defense, however, has been holding this team back for a long time.

The defensive line has struggled to consistently get pressure giving time for opponents to beat the Seahawks with their passing game. Adams is the best blitzing safety in the game of football and he’ll help fix the Seahawks pressure issues.

Another thing that the Seahawks defense really struggled with was the rushing defense. They were bottom 10 in rushing yards allowed per game and Adams will be an enforcer in the box for the Seahawks which will help slow the opponent’s rushing game.

The last and perhaps most important thing that Jamal Adams is going to end up doing for the Seahawks is covering tight ends. They got torn to shreds by the likes of Kittle, Ertz, and both of the Ram’s tight ends (Higbee and Everett). Jamal Adams is one of the best tight end covering safeties in the league.

The Seahawks season will more likely than not come down to Week 17 against the 49ers and Jamal Adams could definitely end up making the difference in that game.

Adams can be the “Kam Chancellor enforcer” type of player that the Seahawks have been missing and with him added to their defense and their new look roster I believe that the Seattle Seahawks will be your 2020 NFL Super Bowl Champions.

Photo Credit: Getty Images