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Ever since that unbelievable 15-1 season resulting in a Super Bowl appearance, it’s been mostly downfalls for the Carolina Panthers. From former owner Jerry Richardson selling the team in 2017, to the release of the greatest quarterback in franchise history, Cam Newton. However, I see nothing but a bright future for this young Carolina roster. From the depth chart, to the front office, this team is heading in the right direction. If you’re wondering who the next dynasty in the NFL is destined to be, look no further than the Carolina Panthers. Here’s why:

Franchise QB
Many people do not expect the Panthers to impress in the upcoming season, myself included. Which will most likely result in a top-10 pick in the impending 2021 draft, even with the signing of Teddy Bridgewater to a 3-year $63 million contract in the offseason.

I believe the Carolina Panthers should select one of the top three quarterbacks in Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields and Trey Lance, assuming that Trevor Lawrence is selected with the first overall pick and the Panthers do not contain the first overall pick. That would leave Justin Fields and Trey Lance, those two guys including Trevor Lawrence. Are all franchise QBs, the Panthers need to end up with one of those guys.

Coaching Staff
The Carolina Panthers signed former Baylor HC Matt Rhule to a 7-year $62 million contract over the offseason, many people questioned this decision including myself at first, but Matt Rhule is the perfect person for this job. Having head coaching stints at Temple and Baylor, Rhule knows how to rebuild a team.

Bringing Temple from a 2-10 team to a 10-4 record being an AP high 20th, in addition to bringing a Baylor team that nobody thought would come back from the allegations against them, to a 11-3 team with a Sugar Bowl appearance. Then you go to new OC Joe Brady, who changed that LSU offense during the 2019 season. Many people believe that the LSU offense was a product of Joe Burrow, in reality Joe Burrow was a product of Joe Brady. Give Brady a Justin Fields or a Trey Lance, and this team will be dangerous.

For the first time, Carolina now has a bright future ahead of them. The Queen City has a dynasty on their hands, the rest of the NFL better watch out. This is just the beginning for the Carolina Panthers.

Photo: Yahoo! Finance