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With the 2020 NFL regular season and College Football finishing up, it’s time to take a look at the top Quarterback prospects entering the 2021 NFL draft. Lucky for teams in need of a Quarterback, this class is filled with plenty of dynamic prospects with a variety of play-styles. This is one of the deepest Quarterback classes the NFL has seen in awhile, showing six potential first round picks! This article provides an analysis of each top prospect as well as a pro comparison and a team best fit. Make sure to see which Quarterback is the best fit for your favorite team!

1. Trevor Lawrence: Clemson, 6’6, 220 pounds

Trevor Lawrence can do it all. His footwork is impeccable. His mid and deep ball accuracy is marvelous and his throw on the run is the best of any quarterback in college football history. While at times his decision making holds room for improvement, Trevor Lawrence is the best quarterback prospect the NFL has seen in decades. 

Team fit: Anywhere 

Pro Comparison: A more accurate and stronger version of Deshaun Watson

2. Justin Fields: Ohio State, 6’3, 223 pounds

Justin Fields is an incredible dual threat prospect. His run game is as good as any quarterback in college football. His ability to escape the pocket and avoid sacks is one of his greatest strengths. While sitting in the pocket with his feet set, he is perfectly capable of delivering exceptional throws. His throw on the run, however, is less than average and his deep ball accuracy provides a weak spot in his game. Despite this, his freakish athleticism and ability to run sets him to be the number 2 quarterback in 2021 draft class. 

Team fit: Panthers

Pro comparison: Prime Cam Newton

3. Zach Wilson: BYU, 6’3, 209 pounds

Zach Wilson presents one of the most well rounded pocket passing Quarterbacks in the 2021 NFL draft to GMs. His footwork is solid, his marvelous accuracy is his greatest strength and his throw on the run is above average. He is perfectly capable of escaping the pocket to pick up a first down when needed but he is a throw first Quarterback. Wilson’s main weakness is his poor decision making. Zack Wilson is a high floor low ceiling prospect. He is a safe pick for a team that wants a win now quarterback or a team that is incapable of developing a project. He will quickly adapt to a starting Quarterback in the NFL.  

Team fits: 49ers, Jets

Pro Comparison: Matthew Stafford

4. Trey Lance: NDSU, 6’4, 227 pounds

Trey Lance had a spectacular year with North Dakota State in 2019 charting 42 total touchdowns and 0 interception. He is the definition of a dual threat Quarterback with tremendous speed and incredible power while rushing the ball. He escapes the pocket with ease and has solid footwork. His mid range accuracy is one of his main strengths and his deep ball accuracy is serviceable. His main point of concern is his ability to read coverage. He often gets stuck on the first read and misses a wide open receiver in a deceiving coverage. There is also room for improvement with nuances such as manipulating defenders with his eyes or shoulder twitches and pump fakes. His lack of competition at the D2 level of college football is something to take notice of.

Team fit: Patriots

Pro comparison: Lamar Jackson

5. Kyle Trask: Florida, 6’5, 240 pounds

Kyle Trask is a low floor high ceiling prospect. Similar to Zach Wilson, he is a throw first quarterback. He shines in the pocket and delivers perfect mid ball and deep ball passes. As a product of Florida’s offense, he is comfortable under numerous different formations. Kyle Trask’s greatest strength on offense is his spectacular eye manipulation and deception of the defense. While his throw on the run holds room for improvement, it is functional. His main weakness is his decision making. While he looks through all his reads, his anticipation skills at times can seem questionable. Trask’s lack of mobility is a major area of concern. Regardless, Trask has the potential to thrive into a star in the NFL.

Team fit: Colts

Pro comparison: A less mobile Dak Prescott


  1. Mac Jones: Alabama, 6’3, 214 pounds
  2. Ian Book: Notre Dame, 6’0. 203 pounds

Photo: ESPN